International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 79, Issue 1, March - April 2023

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Niosomes: Non-Ionic Surfactant -Based Vesicular Drug Delivery System” by Uma Maheswari K, Vinay Kumar D, Srinivas Reddy K, India.

   DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.001    DOI URL:


Fast Dissolving Tablet – A Review” by Gnanaprakash M, Gomathi M, Jothimanivannan C, Vignesh M, Thinakaran P, Dinesh Kumar L, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.002  DOI URL: 


Overview of Lumpy Skin Disease” by CH. Sai Kumar Goud, K. Maheshwari, R. Srikanth, K. Vigneshwari, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.003  DOI URL: 


Evaluation Pleural Fluid C- Reactive Protein Level in Differentiation of Transudative and Exudative Pleural Effusion” by Vyankatesh T. Anchinmane, Shilpa Vijay Sankhe, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.004  DOI URL: 


A Phytochemical and Pharmacological Review of Sphagneticola trilobata (L.) Pruski” by Sethu R, Neethu Varghese, Jemi Jacob, Nija B, Shebina P Rasheed, Nuzrath K P, Mohammed Jamshad K, Nihala K T, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.005  DOI URL: 


Formulation and Evaluation of Phytosome, A Novel Biomedicine” by Varsha M, Devika Rajan, Anu Treesa Thomas, Albin T Thottankara, Sr. Biji P A, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.006  DOI URL: 


Developed Analytical Methods and Validation for the Determination of Remogliflozin Etabonate, Vildagliptin and Metformin Hydrochloride in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms – An Updated Review” by Dr. Malleshappa N. Noolvi, Manali J. Patel, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.007  DOI URL: 



Phytochemical Screening of Some Important Medicinal Plants Used for Kidney Stone” by Vishal N. Patil, Shubham S. Pande, Aniruddha D. Dhote, Kailash A. More, Nitin C. Kongre, Nilesh V. Gandhare, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.008  DOI URL: 


A Case Study on Berger’s Disease” by Sonia Singh, S Sai Balaji Iyer, Prithvika Wagle, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.009  DOI URL: 


An Overview of Ethosomes as Novel Vesicular Carrier: Its Principle, Preparation and Applications” by Snehal Raut, Priti Koli, Harshad Desai, Sardar Shelake, Nilesh Chougule, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.010  DOI URL: 


Ascitic Fluid Calprotectin - Novel Marker for Detection of Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis in Cirrhotic Patients” by Vyankatesh T. Anchinmane, Shilpa Vijay Sankhe, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.011  DOI URL: 


Formulation Development and Evaluation of Intraconazole Gastro Retentive Tablet” by Ishtiyaque Ahmed Mushtaque Ahmed, Dr. Amjad Khan Pathan, Shakeeb Akhtar Nehal Ahmad, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.012  DOI URL: 


Evaluation of Ascitic Fluid Cholesterol Level in Diagnosis of Malignancy Related Ascites” by Vyankatesh T. Anchinmane, Shilpa Vijay Sankhe, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.013  DOI URL: 


Insecticidal Effects of Biosynthesized Silver Nanoparticles from Calotropis Species on Tribolium casteneumby D.S.Pushparani, M. Iniya, P.T.Srinivasan, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.014  DOI URL: 


Miracles of Herbal Phytomedicines as Potent Anti-Inflammatory Agents” by Nihala K T, Shebina P Rasheed, Nuzrath KP, Sethu R, Muhammed Jamshad K, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.015  DOI URL: 


A Review on Synthesis and Biological Activity of 1,2,4-triazole Derivatives” by Lala Ram Jat, Dr. Vandana Sharma, Richa Agarwal, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.016  DOI URL: 


Medical Device Registration Processes of Japan: A Comparative Study with U.S.A and Europe” by Sanjay B. Patil, Nikhil D. Borade, Atish S. Mundada, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.017  DOI URL: 


A Rare Case Series of Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reaction Presenting with Stevens Johnson Syndrome in A Tertiary Care Rural Hospital of Western Maharashtra” by Dr Palak Agrawal, Dr Prajakta Kolhe, Dr Varade S S, Dr Rohit Maurya, Dr Rahul Kunkulol, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.018  DOI URL: 


Review on Potential Therapeutic Intervention of Diabetic Foot Disease” by Sharmistha Bhandari, Tamalika Chakraborty, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.019  DOI URL: 


Application of Newly Developed and Validated Analytical Method for Interaction Study of Selected Cardiac Drug Under Clinical Trials for Combination Therapy” by Blessy Thomas, Dr. Prasanth S.S, Panchami G.S, Reeba K.R, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.020  DOI URL: 


Assessment of Prognostic Significance of Haematological Parameters after the Intensive Phase Treatment in Patients of Pulmonary Tuberculosis” by Jitendra Kumar Singh, Nilam Kumari, Dr. Kamendra Prasad, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.021 DOI URL: 


Evaluation of Antibiotic Resistance Patterns of Common Gram-negative Uropathogens in Tertiary Care Hospital of Eastern India” by Jitendra Prasad, Nilam Kumari, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.022  DOI URL: 


Antibacterial Activity of Sesbania grandiflora Leaf Extracts Against Various Pathogens” by S. Justin Raj, Gowri Krishna BM, Dheepika SB, Fathima Aseela A, Gokul Ram GM, Hari Sankar S, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.023  DOI URL: 


Encapsulated Polymers Used as Nanomaterials Regarding in vivo Studies in Fishes” by Praveen Pathak, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2023.v79i01.024  DOI URL: