International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

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Volume 68, Issue 2, May - June 2021

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Comparative Evaluation of Different Hand Sanitizers” by Ashwini Ramchandra Ingole, Viral Uttam Ramani, Manish Anant Kamble, Disha Motiram Dhabarde, Jagdish Radheshyam Baheti, India.

   DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.001    DOI URL:


A Review on Medicated Chewing Gum as a Novel Drug Delivery System” by J.Gomathi, Sathishkumar .P, Sheik Muhammad Tharves.S, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.002  DOI URL: 


Review on Quantification of Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbon (MOAH) from Cosmetics by Analytical Method” by Patel Visha Jitendrakumar, Dr. Alisha Patel, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.003  DOI URL: 


Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) in Patients with Chronic Diseases” by Mohammed Safeer V S, Dr M Umesh, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.004  DOI URL: 


A Prospective Observational Study on Anti-infective Agents in Adults in A Hospital” by Gada Yerukala Srawan Kumar, Dr. Reddy Phani Kumar, Desireddy Rama Brahma Reddy, Yathirajam Dedeepya, Naligala Divya, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.005  DOI URL: 


Hing (Ferula asafoetida). A Review Based Upon its Ayurvedic and Pharmacological Properties” by Shailja Choudhary, Hemlata Kaurav, Gitika Chaudhary, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.006  DOI URL: 


Extraction and Determinationof Chemical Structure from flower Dicholomethane Extract of Catharanthus roseusby Shahin Aziza, Koushik Sahab, Md. Abdus Satter Miac, Md. Hemayet Hossaina, Bangladesh.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.007  DOI URL: 



Formulation, In-Vitro Evaluation and Comparative Study Ofitopride Hydrochloride Loaded Sustained Release Matrix Tablet Using Okra Mucilage as a Natural Binder” by Anita Yadav, Pradyumna Chaudhari, Sasina Khatri, Chhitij Thapa, Nepal.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.008  DOI URL: 


Regulatory Requirement and Step for Registration and Approval of Indian Drug Products in Overseas Market” by Rushikesh Aher, Pratik Aher, Tejas Ahire, Hitesh V. Shahare, Charulata T. Nemade, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.009  DOI URL: 


An Overview on Coconut Water: As A Multipurpose Nutrition” by Shamal N.Tuyekar, Bharvi S.Tawade, Kajalkumari S. Singh, Vidula S. Wagh, Prasad K. Vidhate, Rupali P.Yevale, Shweta Gaikwad, Mohan Kale, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.010  DOI URL: 


Review Based Upon Ayurvedic and Traditional Uses of Cinnamomum tamala (Tejpatta)” by Shifali Thakur, Gitika Chaudhary, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.011  DOI URL: 


A Concise Review of Immune System and Natural Immune Modulators” by Tarun Kumar, Anu Sharma, Siddhartha Dutta, Sachin J, Gitashree Dutta, Ravi Prakash Sharma, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.012  DOI URL: 


An Observational Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Quality of Life Provided by Netupitant and Palonosetron Regimen against Ondansetron in Management and Prevention of CINV” by Meghana Dutta, Rooha K, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.013  DOI URL: 


Isolation, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of ECDY Steroid from Roots of Polycarpaea corymbosa LAM” by I. Carolin Nimila, K.G.Lalitha, R.Sambathkumar, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.014  DOI URL: 


A Review on Management of Antibiotic Resistance: A Slow and Progressive Pandemic” by Devesh Kumar Mishra, Alok Kumar Shukla, Vivek Srivastava, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.015  DOI URL: 


GC-MS Analysis and Antimicrobial Activities of Ethanol Alkaloid Leaf Extracts of Delonix elata.L” by D.Muthuselvam, Kathick, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.016  DOI URL: 


Formulation and Development of Fast Disintegrating Azelnidipine Tablets: Functionality of Superdisintegrants” by S.K.Sathish, V.P. Pandey, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.017  DOI URL: 


A Cross-Sectional Observational Study on Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Mental Health and Quality of Life in Different Socioeconomic Groups in India” by Shreyansh R. Rai, Dwivedi Anuj Sugreev, Tiwari Pradhyuman, Snigdha Das Mandal, G.S. Chakraborthy, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.018  DOI URL: 


Herbal Potentials for Treatment of Peptic Ulcers: A Review” by Seema B Wakodkar, Aditya Shuddalwar; Dr. Jagdish R. Baheti, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.019  DOI URL: 


Phytochemical Evaluation and In Vitro Antioxidant Study of Adiantum latifoliumby Dr. Beena Thomas, Diya Thomas, S. Amatha, K.H Krishna, Meeramol.C.Chellappan, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.020  DOI URL: 


A Comprehensive Review on Nutraceuticals” by Dr.S.Ruby, S.Prakash, V.Pradeep Kumar, T.Praveen Kumar, S.Prathab, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.021 DOI URL: 


Mental Challenges Facing in India Following the Pandemic-Covid 19” by Aswathy K A, Malini S, Dr Pasupathi, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.022  DOI URL: 


Quality Risk Management in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, Warehousing and Dispensing -Practical Case Study from Sterile Pharmaceutical Industry” by Rawidh Alsaidalani, Bassam Elmadhoun, Saudi Arabia.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.023  DOI URL: 


Chitosan – A Novel Biopolymer AS A Potential Drug Delivery Vehicle” by Shlini P, Nidhi Mohan, Shobha Mule, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.024  DOI URL: 


A Promising Role in the Cancer Prevention by Curcumin: Enriching the Clinical Translation” by Unithirumala Amitha, Dr. Ruman Shaik, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.025  DOI URL: 


Basic Review: Solubility Enhancement by Using Various Approaches” by Baldha Krunal, Sanjay Savaliya, Payal N Vaja, Dr. Chetan H Borkhtaria, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.026  DOI URL: 


Development and Characterization of Enclosed Prochlorperazine Maleate Floating Alginate Beads” by Suraj B. Pund, Vishwas C. Bhagat, Madhuri T. Deshmukh, Rajkumar V. Shete, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.027  DOI URL: 


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: Associated Diseases and Advancements Through Time” by Bharat Kwatra, Mugdha Barik, Chelsea Rumao, Sukanya Bhattacharjee, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.028  DOI URL: 


Knowledge and Attitude towards Covid-19 among Healthcare Workers of A Tertiary Care Hospital in India” by Alok Dixit, Amit Vikram Singh, Chandra Veer Singh, Ramakant Yadav, Sandeep Kumar Singh, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.029  DOI URL: 


Hepatoprotective Property of Phyllanthus amarus Alkaloid-Rich Fraction with Respect to Oxidative Stress Marker Enzymesby Doraswamy Gangaraju, Shanmugam Bhasha, Ravi Sahukari, Shanmugam Kondeti Ramudu, Srinivas Kurakula, Sathyavelu Reddy Kesireddy, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2021.v68i02.030  DOI URL: