International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

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Volume 64, Issue 2, September - October 2020

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Review on Caesalpinia bonducellaby Monika, Shikhar Verma, Vivek Srivastava, Prakash Deep, India.

   DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.001    DOI URL:


Development and Characterization of In Situ Gel Containing Leflunomide as a Gastro-retentive Drug Delivery” by Asmaa H. Esmaeil, Afaf A. Ramadan, Asmaa M. Elbakry, Egypt.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.002  DOI URL: 


Formulation, Optimization and Evaluation of Multiple Emulsion of Atorvastatin” by Sivapriya.S, Daisy P.A, Praveen Raj R, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.003  DOI URL: 


Prescribing Patterns of Antimicrobial Agents in Intensive Care Unit at Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Bhairahawa, Nepal” by Ashish Panthi, Prakash Ghimire, Himal Gaire, Sandhya Pandey, Nepal.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.004  DOI URL: 


A Detailed Review on Oral Controlled Release Matrix Tablets” by Muhammad Mustafa Swaleh, Zeb-un-nisa, Syed Imran Ali, Maqsood Ahmed Khan, Mehwish Rizvi, Saira Shehnaz, Pakistan.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.005  DOI URL: 


Impact of Beta Blockers and HCN Blockers on C - Reactive Protein in CAD Patients” by M.Ranga Priya, Ayshwariya Laxmi, Ilakya.G, Irene George, Irine Jacob, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.006  DOI URL: 


Review on the Medicinal uses and Pharmacological aspects of Plectranthus tenuiflorus from the Labiatae Family of Saudi Arabia” by Dr. Fazil Ahmad, Dr. Abeer Mohammed Al-Subaie, Dr. Mohammed Gayasuddin, Dr. J. Muthu Mohamed, Dr. V. Krishnaraju, Saudi Arabia.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.007  DOI URL: 



Impact of Menstrual Health Education: A Community Based Interventional Analytical Study Among Rural Women of Eastern Telangana” by Bhavana Inuganti, Peddolla Sushma Reddy, Vidya Biju, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.008  DOI URL: 


Potential Analgesic Activity of Root Extract of Operculina turpethum Linn.” by Jai Parkash Kadian, Amrendra Kr Chaudhary, Ranjit Singh, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.009  DOI URL: 


Status of Drug Information Centre and Services in India: An Overview and Challenges” by Abhishek Chandola, Ratnakar, Swarnima Kandari, Yogesh Joshi, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.010  DOI URL: 


Impact of Employee Performance of IT Employees in Chennai During COVID – 19 Lockdowns” by V. Sathyavathi, Dr. R. Angayarkanni, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.011  DOI URL: 


Melt Sonocrystallization A Novel Technique of Solubility Enhancement: A Review” by Rahul Radke, Neetesh K. Jain, India.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.012  DOI URL: 


Antimicrobial Activity of Aristolochia tagala Cham. Centella asiatica Linn. Houttuynia cordata Thunb. on Multi- drug Resistant Clinical Isolates” by Clarissa Jane Lyngdoh, Julie B Wahlang, Arky Jane Langstieh, Khetbadei. L. Hynniewta Hadem, Ishani Bora, Joonmoni Lahon, Debahuti Sabhapandit, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.013  DOI URL: 


Microgravity: A Tool for Protein Drug Development” by JohnPaul O. Enemali, Funmilola A. Oluwafemi, Solomon J. Hussaini, Ishaya B. Daniel, Omede Ameh, Abubakar Adamu, Olufemi A. Agboola, Nigeria.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.014  DOI URL: 


Killing Rate Kinetics of Commercially Available Brands of Ciprofloxacin and Cefotaxime on Clinical Bacterial Isolates Subjected to in vitro Antibiotic Treatments” by Oke B., Iroha I.R., Moses I. B., Egwu I. H., Elom E., Nwode V.F., Uzoh C. V., Okpada J. O., Agbom J. N., Chimaobi C, Nigeria.

DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.015  DOI URL: 


Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis and Evaluation of Anthelmintic Activity of Pistacia vera Endocarp” by K. Anandarajagopal, Abdullah Khan, Sheerlin Ting Enn Xuan, Ee Kok Mun, Kai Bin Liew, Mei Jun Loy, Bama Menon, Tan Ching Siang, Malaysia.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.016  DOI URL: 


Role of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Analogues on Obesity and Type-II Diabetes Mellitus: A Review” by Maheswary L A, Dr. Silvia Navis, Mrs. Anusree S, Dr. Prasobh G.R, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.017  DOI URL: 


Corona Virus: Review on Structural Arrangement, Clinical and Potential Inference against Respiratory Viral Infection” by Kamal Sarohaa, Chetnab, Lakshitab, Parulb, Shweta, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.018  DOI URL: 


An Ethnobotanical and Ethnopharmacological Survey of Cannabis sativa of Taounate Region in Northern Morocco” by Mouna Bouarfa, Siham Lebtar, Smahane Boukhira, Dalila Bousta, Morocco.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.019  DOI URL: 


Off-Label Prescribing: A Curse or A Boon” by Gitashree Dutta, Tarun Kumar, Siddhartha Dutta, Ritesh Kumar, Ravi Prakash Sharma, Sudeshna Banerjee, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.020  DOI URL: 


The Potential of TPP Chitosan Nanoparticles as Carrier for Poorly Soluble Rosiglitazone Maleate” by Vandana Singh, Dr. Amrendra Kumar Chaudhary, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.021 DOI URL: 


Fluidized Bed Granulation: A Promising Technique” by Dipika S. Pawar, Rajendra K. Surwase, Sonam B.Bhamare, Sonali P. Pagar, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.022  DOI URL: 


A Comparative Study of Functional Properties of Pectin Isolated from Different Fruit and Vegetable Sources” by Sumita Dasgupta, Aneri Shah, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.023  DOI URL: 


Coumarin-Chalcone Hybrids for Biological Potentials: A Strategy of Molecular Hybridization for Drug Design” by Amit Kumar, Sushil Kumar, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.024  DOI URL: 


Sinigrin Act as A Therapeutic Agent in Lung Carcinoma H460 Cell Line” by Nishita Gogia, Rajendiran Selvam, Kasturi Revathi, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.025  DOI URL: 


Brexanolone: Targeted Pharmacotherapeutic Agent for Postpartum Depression” by Manisha Bisht, Bhawna Saini, Surabhi Thapliyal, Kalpana Tiwari, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.026  DOI URL: 


A Review on Pharmacological Profile of Ethanamide and their Derivatives” by Rahul Chauhan, Pooja Saini, Richa Choudhary, Sonam Rani, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.027  DOI URL: 


A Review on Medicinal Plants against Various Forms of Dementia” by Shivani Ashok Shelke, Nachiket Jitendra Joshi, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.028  DOI URL: 


Safety and Efficacy of Ketamine in Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD)” by Hari Chandana Punukula, Bospali Kavya Sree, Vaka Pratyusha, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.029  DOI URL: 


Break the Chain of Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Infection: A Review” by Sufiyan Ahmad, Md. Rageeb Md. Usman, Kiran D. Baviskar, Tushar P. Patil, India.
DOI: 10.47583/ijpsrr.2020.v64i02.030  DOI URL: