International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 62, Issue 1, May - June 2020

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Recruitment of Medical Staff in Health Department by Using TOPSIS Method” by Rana Muhammad Zulqarnain, Xiao Long Xin, Fazal Dayan, Nadeem Ahmad, Bilal Ahmad, China.



Levothyroxine Replacement Therapy: A Focus on Synthroid” by Esomchukwu Obinna, Matuvi Martin, Syed Ali Imran, Remigius Agu, Canada.



Method Development and Validation of Robust and Time Efficient Combined RP-HPLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Multiple Preservatives and Anti-Oxidants” by K. Supriya, P. Ravisankar, P. Srinivasa Babu, M. Nitya Satya, Sk. Rijwana, India.



Preparation and Evaluation of PEG Functionalized MWCNTs Irinotecan Conjugate” by K.P. Hemalatha, H.B. Kavya, India.



A Review on Bioplastic Production- A Need to the Society” by Chozhavendhan. S, Usha.P, Sowmiya.G, Rohini.G, India.  


A Review on Therapeutic Potential of Caffeic Acid and its Derivatives” by Dr.V.M.Mounnissamy, B. Priya, India.



Review on: Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine” by Gauri Karale, Nilofer Naikwade, India.



In-Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Perthenium hysteroporus Comparison with Ofloxacin” by Ayon Dutta, Prof. Biswanath Ghosh, India.



Application of Interval Valued Fuzzy Soft Max-Min Decision Making Method in Medical Diagnosis” by Rana Muhammad Zulqarnain, Xiao Long Xin, Nadeem Ahmad, Fazal Dayan, Bilal Ahmad, China.



A New Validated LCMS/MS Method for the Determination of Rilpivirine” by B. Raj Kumar, K. V. Subrahmanyam, India.



Design and Characterisation of Nitrendipine Nanocrystals for Solubility and Dissolution Enhancement” by Anilkumar J. Shinde, Monika S. Sankpal, Sujit V. Salokhe, Harinath N. More, India.



Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant and Anti-microbial Properties of Polyherbal Formulation in Acne Treatment” by Rakesh S. Shivatare, Dr. Shailesh M. Kewatkar, Priya Lohakare, Nitin Bhutale, Ramesh Musale, Durga Choudhary, Gayatri Ganu, Dr. Dheeraj H. Nagore, India.



Nanomicelles Formulation: In Vitro Anti-Fungal Study” by Sherin Kunjumon, K. Krishnakumar, Smitha.K.Nair, India.  


Evaluation of Different Viscosity Grades of Guar Gum as Hydrophilic Matrix for Oral Controlled Drug Delivery” by Rama Rao Tadikonda, Satyanarayana Sreemantula, India.



A Review on Imidazole Derivatives Having Appropriate Remedies for Extreme Diseases” by Renjima K.M, Resmy Menon, Divya Chacko, India.



Kawasaki Disease: A Case Report” by Dr. Cheppalli Vani, P. Salome Satya Vani, Mubeena shirin, U. Niharika, India.  


The Study on Current Treatment Pattern and Outcome of Chemotherapy regimen in Multiple Myeloma Patients in Tertiary Care Cancer Hospital: A Prospective and Observational Study” by Arya S Baiju, Umesh Yadav, Prashant Kumar Sah, Dr. Dharshini N M, Mrs. Mahadevamma L, India.  


A Statistical Data on Sales of Drugs – A Pharmacoeconomical Survey” by Swarna Priya B, Yuga Priya M, Ranjeeth Kumar K, Madhumitha V, Subalakshmi S, Alice Cholan R, Pavithra Devi S, Thamizh Selvan S, Naveen Kumar S, India.  


Bacteria: Salubrious Microbes” by Mousumi Dutta, Partha Sarathi Singha, Tushar Baran Mahata, Debarpita Bhattacharya, Amit Kumar Jana, India.  


Hand Sanitizers: An Essential Commodity in A Busy Life” by Kanchan Upadhye, Shweta Suresh Rajankar, India.  


Nasal Drug Delivery System” by Kundan A. Kapadnis, Dattatraya M. Shinkare, Sweta D. Gedam, Anil G. Jadhav, India.  


A Comparative Study on the Effect of Green Preservatives to Increase the Shelf Life of Commercially Important Fish Fillet in Frozen Condition” by Athira V. N., B. Dhanalakshmi, S. Dinesh Kumar, India.  


PCR Study of Eucalyptus Hybrids using Random Primers for Hybrid Validation” by Keshavarthini K, Anusuya V, Jeevitha S, Suganya A, Vijay Pradhap Singh M, India.  


Triazine Derivatives and its Pharmacological Potential - A Review” by Dr. V.M. Mounnissamy, B. Priya, India.  


Antibacterial Activity of Piper nigrum Leaf against Different Species of Pathogenic Microbes” by Reshmi R. P, S. Justin Raj, India.  


Human Health Risk Assessment of Accumulation of Heavy Metals via Consumption of Marine Fish Collected from Local Vendors of Olavakkode Fish Market, Palakkad, India” by Rini T. R., B. Dhanalakshmi, S. Dinesh Kumar, M. Pragnya, India.  


A Review on Osmotic Drug Delivery System” by C.M. Dhage, D.M. Shinkar, V.T.Pathan, A.G.Jadhav, India.  


Effects of Acute Alcohol Intoxication on Vitreous Renal Biochemical Parameters in Rabbits” by Wankasi, Mieebi Martins, Agoro, Eni-yimini Solomon, Eidangbe, Adesuwa Peace, Nigeria.  


Ethosomes as Novel Drug Delivery System: A Review” by Pratiksha K Jadhav, Dattatraya M Shinkar, Vasim T Pathan, Anil G Jadhav, India.  


Advances in Wound Healing and Wound Care Technologies – A Review” by Ashalatha, Karthik G. Vaidya, Pooja B., India.  


Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Minimally Invasive Dentistry among Dental Graduates: A Cross-sectional Survey from Saudi Arabia” by Hanady salem Alrasheedi, Rashid Iqbal Mian, Ibne-Hassan, Shoruq.oudah Alrashidi, Tahani Mohammad A Al Harbi, Abdulsalam Hamad J Alrashedi, Maram Ibrahim Albarrak, Mohammad Abdulaziz Alsweed, Saudi Arabia.  


Potential Anti-COVID-19 Drug Options” by P. Ravi Sankar, A. Viswanath, K. Supriya, India.  


Medical Device Clinical Trials in Europe” by Gulafsha fatima, Sushma, India.