International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 61, Issue 1, March - April 2020

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Medication Errors in Tertiary Care Hospital” by Dr. M. Pramod Kumar, D. Prathibha, G. Ravi Teja, K. Keerthana, S.K. Mymonissa, India.



Comparative Study on Beneficial Effects of Calcium Channel Blockers and Beta Blockers in Post Stroke Patients” by M.Ranga Priya, Abirami A.R., Akshaya Radhakrishnan, Alisha Ealias, Anu Mooleparambil, India.



Disease Identification Using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers by Sanchez’s Approach” by Rana Muhammad Zulqarnain, Bagh Ali, Sohaib Abdal, Adnan Maalik, Muhammad Irfan Ahamad, Zeeshan Zafar, China.



Antimicrobial Potential of Albizia lebbeck Leaf Extract” by Dr. Neeti Srivastav, Dr. Sarla Saklani, Dr. Vijay Juyal, Dr. B.K Tiwari, India.



Selection of Medical Clinic for Disease Diagnosis by Using TOPSIS Method” by Rana Muhammad Zulqarnain, Sohaib Abdal, Bagh Ali, Liaqat Ali, Muhammad Irfan Ahamad, Zeeshan Zafar, China.  


The Potential Chemopreventive Efficacy of β-ionone against Diethylnitrosamine-induced Hepatocarcinogenesis in Male Wistar Rats” by Mohamed Abd-Elbaset, Ahmed M. Mansour, Amira M. Abo-Youssef, Egypt.



Role of Dietary Patterns on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Population- A Systematic Review” by Bhupinder Kaur, Chandan Sharma, Nishant Thakur, Manish Goswami, India.



Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs for the Treatment of Type-II Diabetes Mellitus in a Tertiary Care Setup Karachi” by Saira Shahnaz, Maqsood Ahmed Khan, Shazia Alam, Tauseef Ahmad, Mudassar Iqbal Arain, Pakistan.



Overview on Softwares Used in Pharma Industry” by Sanika R. Joshi, Vijay R. Salunkhe, India.



Design, Development and Assessment of Herbal Lipstick from Natural Pigments” by Mahanthesh M.C., Manjappa A.S., Shinde M.V., Sherikar A.S, Disouza J.I, Namrata B.U, Kranti K.R, Ajija W.C., India.



Myotonia Congenita – Shortage of Chloride Channels” by MD Arif Khan, Dr. Om Prakash P MD., India.



Mallory Weiss Tear: A Case Report” by P. Salome Satyavani, P.Soujanya, Pragnya Dutt.K, India.



Biological Activities of Total Oligomeric Flavonoids Enriched Extracts of Nicotiana tabacum from Eight Lebanese Regions” by Ali Jaber, Rana soukariyeh, Alia Khalil, Fadi Abdel-Sater, Edmond Cheble, Lebanon.  


An Updated Review on Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System: An Approach to Enhance Gastric Retention” by Dr. A Pasupathi, Anjana M N, India.



A Study of the Possible Drug-Drug Interactions in Medicine Unit of A Tertiary Care Hospital” by Antariksh Kumar, Sapna K Dongre, India.



Antimalarial Activity of Oxadiazoles - A Review” by Hasna K.T, Deepika.P, Sherin A, Dr.Shiji Kumar P.S, India.  


Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Gel Containing the Leaf Extract of Anacardium occidentaleby Jisna Sebastian, Noby Thomas, Praveen Raj R., Boby Johns G., Chacko AJ., Daisy P A, India.  


Transdermal Drug Delivery System for Controlled Drug Administration - A Review” by Shilpa Sivashankar, Diksha Gupta, Minika Chetry, Nilakshi Mazumder, India.  


Technologically Advanced Applications of the Novel Compartmentallized Systems of Microemulsions “An Overview” by Dr. V Muruganantham, VN Jyothi Lakshmi, India.  


A Computational Functional Prediction of Aldose Reductase Enzyme: A Potential Strategy from Identification of Physicochemical Properties to Transmembrane Helix” by S.Mahesh, G L Balaji, P Usnanjaj, Anusuya.V, India.  


Use of Wearables in Clinical Trials” by Kovvuri Navya, C.S.Mujeebuddin, India.  


Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery” by Ayesha Fatima, C.S.Mujeeb Uddin, India.  


Corona Virus – An Updated Review” by K. Priyanka, T.Sowdameni, Mujeebuddin CS, India.