International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 60, Issue 1, January - February 2020

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Correlation between Vitreous Humor Potassium Levels and the Time of bleeding-caused Death and the Factors affecting it” by Bassam AL-Mohammad, Housein Nofal, Marwan Alhalabi, Syria.



Overview on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus” by K. Nikhila, M. Pravalika Jadav, Pittu Vishnu Priya, JVC. Sharma, India.



Approaches to Improve Atorvastatin Calcium Bioavailability: A Review” by Nagesh C, Vedamurthy Joshi, Abhishek S, Rajeshwari A.G., India.



Acute and Sub-acute Toxicity Study of Kushta Hajrul Yahood (Calx of Lapis judaicus): A Unique Herbomineral Unani Formulation” by Shaikh Ajij Ahmed Makbua, Nasreen Jahan, India.



“Regulatory Guidelines to Publish a Medical Research Article - A Current Scenario” by Bhawna Saini, Arkapal Bandyopadhyay, Mohit Kumar, Sumit Mahato, Manisha Bisht, India.  


Green Tea: A Medicinal Gift from Nature” by Amol S. Deshmukh, Poonam S. Wakchaure, Pravin R. Dighe, India.



Molecular Docking and Statistical Assessment of the Macroalgae of Halimeda Species against Marine Macro Fouler Mytilus galvoprovinces (4CN8)” by Prasanth R M, Sureshkumar P, India.



First Report on in-silico Analysis of Halimeda SPP against Breast Cancer (BRCA1) and its Evolutionary Relation” by R M Prasanth, P Sureshkumar, India.



Hylocereus undatus (Dragon Fruit): A Brief Review” by Pandya Prutha Hitendraprasad, Karunakar Hegde, A R Shabaraya, India.



Screening of Functional Groups and Related Antibacterial Activity of Mesua ferrea L.” by Juhi Dhillon, Vimala Yerramilli., Anjali Malik, Shweta Dhariwal, India.



Kidney Stone Disease: A Brief Review” by Vidyashree B, Karunakar Hegde, A R Shabaraya, India.



A Review on Pharmacological Activities of Tamarindus indica by Mehathaz, Ashoka Shenoy M, Dr.AR Shabaraya, India.



A Review on Pharmacological Activities of Flemingia strobiliferaby Ambili Narayanan, Ashok Shenoy, AR Shabaraya, India.  


Computer Designing for New Compounds Starting from Anti-Hyperglycemic Thiazolidindion Molecule” by Mohamad Yahia Shikh Awad, Syria.



Study of Anti-Cancer Properties of Crude Seed Extracts of Vitis vinifera, Nigella sativa and Ocimum basilicum by in-vitro and ex-vivo Studies” by Dr. Kavitha G Singh, S Harini, Ashwini Manjunath, India.



Alzhiemer Disease: A Brief Review” by Sharadhi. M, Karunakar Hegde, A R Shabaraya, India.  


A Review on Analytical Methods for the Determination of Palonosetron in Pharmaceutical Formulation” by N. Pooja Singh, V. Mohan Goud, JVC Sharma, P. Sirisha, CH. Praveena Devi, India.  


A Systematic Review on Natural Sedative and Hypnotics” by Muhammed Muzammil, Satish S, Hiba Gafoor, India.  


Phytochemical Evaluation and In vitro Antidiabetic Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Viscum articulatumby Bommala Nirmala Devi, S. Salma, V. Lavanya, India.  


Psychiatric Adverse Events in Patients Taking Isotretinoin - A Review” by Ashmi Samuel, Julie John, Riya Alex, Silpa Alex, Saflana Thaha, Sherin S, Kavya Prathap, India.  


Analytical Techniques for Dolutegravir: A Review” by B. Srivastava, Sheeja V. K, Dr. Y. Haribabu, India.  


Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization and Antibacterial Assessment of Cadmium and Molybdenum Complexes of TcSal Mixed Ligand” by Rohit K. Devand Parashuram Mishra, Nepal.  


A Systematic Review on Reward Activation and Its Effect on Brain Function” by Rashmita RS, Satish S, Shabaraya AR, India.  


Bioenhancers: A Comprehensive Review” by Sindhoora D, Ananya Bhattacharjee, A.R Shabaraya, India.  


A Review on Cyclodextrin Nanosponges” by Abeena P B, Praveen Raj R, India.  


Kinetics and Mechanism for Oxidation of Amoxicillin by Copper (III) Periodate Complex in Alkaline Medium” by Yuv Raj Sahu, Narendra K. Chaudhary, Parashuram Mishra, India.  


Local Delivery Systems for Periodontal Therapy: An Overview” by Prasuna Sundari P, Pragathi K, India.