International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 59, Issue 1, November - December 2019

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Design of Novel Drug Lead Molecules for Tuberculosis bacilli Derived from Chromolaena odorata Flavonoid” by Umesh C.V., Jamsheer A.M., Prasad M Alex, Krishnan Namboori P.K., India.



Formulation and Development of Temperature Sensitive in Situ Gelling System of Desmopressin Acetate for Nasal Drug Delivery” by Bhoomita G. Hadiya, Dr. L. D. Patel, Mayur P. Parmar, India.



Comparative Analysis of Lipid Profile of Individuals with and Without Caries” by Gayathri Karthikryan, Gayathri.R, India.



Determination of Methyl Paraben from Cosmetics by UV Spectroscopy” by Trupti Ramji Bhandari, Dr. Alisha Patel, Khyati K.Dhodi, Zalak Desai, Saloni S.Desai, India.



The Review: Phytochemical and Bioactive Screening of “Karanja” Belonging to Family Leguminosae” by Preethima G, Ananda V, D. Visagaperumal, Vineeth Chandy, Prashanthi P, India.  


A Study on Prescribing Pattern of Antibiotics for Respiratory Tract Infection in Pediatric Outpatient in A Tertiary Care Hospital: A Prospective Observational Study” by Beya Baby, Anjalimol P.T, Arya Suresh, Arya Thampi, Melody Rose Vijay, Sneha Saira Jiji, Suryasnata Das, Irfanul Haque, India.



Evaluation of Antibiotics And APACHE-II Score Correlation with Mortality in an Intensive Care Unit of Hepatic Impairment Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital” by V. Sathish Kumar, SK. Abdul Rahaman, T. Deepika, CH. Manoj Kumar, India.



Various Pharmacological Actions of Calendula officinalis, Tagetes erecta, Carica papaya, Hypericum perforatum and Salvia officinalisby Rittapalli Bhagya Jyothi, Lakshmi Naganathan, Boya Chaithanya, Akula Naga Venkata Sunitha, V.S.S.S. Gupta Atyam, J.V.C. Sharma, India.



Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards Blood Donation and its Associated Factors in A Tertiary Care Hospital” by Arya Suresh, Anjalimol P.T, Arya Thampi, Melody Rose Vijay, Beya Baby, Sneha Saira Jiji, Irfanul Haque, India.



A Study to Evaluate the Impact of Clinical Pharmacist on Patient Care by Drug Therapy Assessment in Intensive Care Units” by Anjalimol P.T, Arya Thampi, Arya Suresh, Beya Baby, Melody Rose Vijay, Sneha Saira Jiji, Irfanul Haque, Suryasnata Das, S.Haja Sherief, India.



A Prospective Observational Study on Antibiotic Usage for Surgical Prophylaxis in a Tertiary Care Hospital” by Sneha Saira Jiji, Beya Baby, Anjalimol P.T, Arya Suresh, Arya Thampi, Melody Rose Vijay, Suryasnata Das, Irfanul Haque, Sheik Haja Sherief, India.



A Review on Recent Developments in the Determination of Residual Solvents by Gas Chromatography” by Juveriya Fatima Siddiqui, Dr.Iffath Rizwana, India.



Nail Disorders and A Note on Transungual Drug Delivery System” by A. Sowjanya, Boya Chaitanya, Rittapalli Bhagya Jyothi, V.S.S.S. Gupta Atyam, J.V.C. Sharma, India.  


Evaluation of Antioxidant Effect of Ethanolic Root Extract of Commiphora caudata in High Fat Diet and Streptozotocin induced Diabetic Rats” by Kuttiappan Anitha, Sabapathi Mohana Lakshmi, S.V. Satyanarayan, India.



Stability Indicating RP-UPLC Method Development and Validation for the Simultaneous Determination of Meropenem and Varobactum in Bulk and their Combined Dosage Form” by SK. Masthanamma, D.Chinababua, MD.Hameeda Firdousa, D.N.V. Monika, India.



A New HSGC-FID Method Development and Validation for the Simultaneous Estimation of Residual Solvents in Ifosfamide” by Juveriya Fatima Siddiqui, Dr. Iffath Rizwana, India.  


UV Visible Spectrophotometric Method Development and Validation for the Estimation of Ifosfamide in Bulk Drug and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form” by Juveriya Fatima Siddiqui, Dr. Iffath Rizwana, India.  


Litchi chinensis Leaves Cause Cell Death via Caspases on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells” by Shila Elizabeth Besra, Puja Bharti, Anamika Kumari, Twinkle Roy, Nilanjana Deb, J.R. Vedasiromoni, India.  


Review on Alcohol Withdrawal its Complication and Clinical Management” by Dr. Ganesan V, Abdul Nabeel M, Elgy. P. Baby, Akhina Vincent, India.  


Applications of HPLC in Pharmaceutical Analysis” by P. Ravi Sankar, K. Sai Snehalatha, Shaik. Tabassum Firdose, P. Srinivasa Babu, India.  


Psidium guajava: Multipurpose Medicinal Herb” by Aditi P. Prabhudesai, Dr. Dinesh M. Biyani, Dr. Milind J. Umekar, India.  


Nanosuspension Based Drug Delivery: A Key Discussion on its Present and Future Perspectives” by Pankaj A. Jadhav, Adhikrao V. Yadav, India.  


Shilajit - A Wonder Drug of Ayurveda: An Overview” by Prem Shankar Pandey, India.  


Review on: Neuropathic Pain and Pharmacotherapy” by Supriya Khatal, Ashok Bhosale, Tejaswini Kande, Pallavi Dhekale, India.  


Review on Applications of 3D Printing in Pharmaceuticals” by Aditi Gujrati, Alok Sharma, Deepika Pandit, SC Mahajan, India.  


A Comprehensive Review on 1,3,4-oxadiazole Derivatives” by Mamta Soreng, Lata Khani Bisht, D Visagaperumal, Vineeth Chandy, India.  


Phytochemical Analysis of Different Extract of Azadirachta indica Leaves” by S. J. Virshette, M. K. Patil, A.A. Deshmukh, Junaid R. Shaikh, India.  


Drug-Drug Interactions in Cardiac Patients in A Tertiary Care Hospital-A Prospective Observational Study” by Melody Rose Vijay, Anjalimol P.T, Arya Suresh, Arya Thampi, Beya Baby, Sneha Saira Jiji, Irfanul Haque, Sheik Haja Sherief, India.