International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 52, Issue 2, September - October 2018

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A Review on Traditional and Ethnomedicinal Uses of Elaeocarpus ganitrus (Rudraksha)” by Praveen Kumar Dixit, Suchita Dixit, Monika Bhardwaj, Bhupendra Chauhan, K.Nagarajan, Jagannath Sahoo, India.



“Effect of Ivabradine against Pilocarpine induced Seizures in Rats” by Osama Q. Fadheel, Faruk H. AL-Jawad, Waleed K. Abdulsahib, Haider F. Ghazi, Iraq.



The Implementation of Drug Auditing-Standard Operating Procedure in Perscription Service at Internal Medicine Ward of Dharma Yadnya Public Hospital for Medication Error Prevention and Patient Satisfaction Improvement by Anak Agung Indah Krisnadewi, Fauna Herawati, I Made Agus Gelgel Wirasuta, Indonesia.



Phytochemical and Biochemical Activity of Two Host Plants of Muga Silk Worm Antheraea assamensis Helfer. from Dibrugarh, Assam” by Junali Chetia, Manashi Changmai, India.



Risk Factors for Preterm Birth” by Venkateswaramurthy, Monitha Star, Vanmathi, Sambath Kumar, India.  


Assessment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and its Herbal Cure: A Review” by Prerna Dubey, Sumithra.M, Chitra.V, India.



Development and Evaluation of Parenteral Solution Containing Florfenicol and Flunixin Meglumine for Veterinary Use” by Nidal Batrawi, Fuad Al-Rimawi, Moammal Qurt, Hani Naseef, Palestine.



A Review Article on Senna italica Mill” by Dr.Vijaya Bharathi. R, Dr. Radha. R, Micheal Raja S, Praveena M, Sasikala S, India.



Systematic Review on Antidepressant Models” by Prabhat Yadav, Vivek Srivastava, Agrima Srivastava, Supriya Roy, Nidhi Mishra, India.



Nanoemulsion-Based Gel Formulation of Astaxanthin for Enhanced Permeability: Potential as a Transdermal Drug Delivery System” by Lusi Nurdianti, Fajar Setiawan, Indra, Ratih Aryani, Diky Mudhakir, Kusnandar Anggadiredja, Indonesia.



Review on Microemulsion - a Novel Approach for Drug Delivery” by Ashwini Jadhav, Abhijeet Daundkar, Deepak Morale, Nikhil Bhujbal, Dr.Sandip Kshirsagar, India.



Validated Spectrophotometric Methods for Determination of Donepezil Hydrochloride in Pharmaceutical Formulations Based on Redox Reaction with Cerric(Iv) Ammonium Sulphate” by El Sheikh Ragaa, Hassan Wafaa S., Gouda Ayman A., Ghada M. Abdel Fattah, Egypt.



In Vitro Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory and Lipid Lowering Activities of Artocarpus lakoocha Fruit Extract and Its Implication on Treatment of Dyslipidemia” by Dr. Shirin Tarbiat, Turkey.  


A Prospective Observational Study on Therapeutic Duplication and its Outcome in a Tertiary Care Hospital, India” by Dr Arpan Dutta Roy, Dr Rupak Kundu, Dr Srijit Chatterjee, (Dr) Nayonika Mukherjee, Dr Soham Mazumdar, Dr SK Todi, Dr Alok Roy, India.



Evaluation of Cisplatin Induced Toxicity in Head and Neck Cancer During Concurrent Chemo Radiotherapy and Radiotherapy Alone - A Prospective Observational Study” by Dr. Naga Subrahmanyam S, Dr. Tagoore Vijaya Lakshmi D, Dr.G.V.Naga Raju, India.



Study of Chemical Constituents and Antibacterial Activity of Essential Oil of Syzigium aromaticum” by Ritika Singh, Reena Lawrence, Kapil Lawrence, Shailendra Kumar Amogh, India.  


Development and Evaluation of Buccal Patches containing Atenolol using Hydrophilic Polymers” by Surya Narayan Ratha Adhikari, Satyabrata Panda, India.