International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 45, Issue 2, July - August 2017

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“Glycowithanolides Enhances Lactate Dehydrogenase Activity in Reproductive Organs of Mice During Oxidative Stress” by Shaikh Nilofar, Walvekar Madhuri, Desai Sneha, India.



“Assessments of Total Flavonoids, Anti-oxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Ficus religiosa Methanolic Extract in vitroby Ruqaya M. Al-Ezzy, Bushra H. Saleh, Rafal S. anee, Iraq.



“An Exploratory Study to Evaluate the Nephro-protective Effect of Scoparia dulcis. Linn. Ethanol Extracts in Gentamycin Induced Toxicity in HEK 293 Cells” by Valsala Kumari.P.K, Narayanan. N, India.



“Efficacy of Natural oils as Denture Cleansers against Candida albicans - An In Vitro Study” by Kadambari Sriram, Dr.Preetham Prasad, Murlidharan, Dr. Dhanraj, India.



“Coupling Reactions Involving Reactions of Aryldiazonium Salt: Part-V. Chemoselective Synthesis of 1-(Substituted-phenyl)-azo-naphthalen-2-olby C. J. Patil, G. P. Waghulde, Manisha C. Patil, Mrunmayee C. Patil, India.  


“A Review on Thrombolytic Therapy used in Myocardial Infarction (Streptokinase vs Tenecteplase)” by Giri Raja Sekhar. D, Ramya. N, Poojitha. G, Bhargavi. C, Madhuri. R, India.



“Efficacy of Low Dose Fentanyl in the Treatment of Severe Pain” by Sreekrishnan TP, Shilpa Raj, Nandu M, Reshma S, Anjali Vijayakumar, P. G. Nair, Gireesh Kumar KP, India.



“A Systematic Review on Transdermal Patches” by Gore S. A., Satpute V. V., Gholve S. B., Bhusnure O. G., Bhosale P. H., Phutke P. B, India.



“Evaluation of Antidepressant Activity of Boerhaavia diffusa (L.) Aqueous Extract in a Chronic Mild Stress Paradigm” by Dr. Sandeep R, Dr. Prasanna G. S, India.



“CAD for Two Class Classification of Lung Cancer using Statistical Features” by Aman Deep, Shruti Jain, Sahil Bhusri, India.



“An Investigation on the Incidence and Risk Factors of Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Pneumonia, and Seizures in Newborns” by Joseph Stalin D, Chanchal Roy, Nicky Kuriakose, Silpa Sunny, Vibha K, India.



“A Study on Prescription Pattern of Oral Hypoglycemic Agents and Insulin Therapy in Chronic Renal Failure Patients and Assessment of Medication Adherence” by Varsha Padman, Dr Yogananda R, Dr. Bharathi DR, Neethu Joseph, Dr.Sandeep GN, India.



“A Study on Prescription Pattern of Antihypertensive Agents in Chronic Renal Failure Patients and Assessment of Medication Adherence” by Neethu Joseph, Dr Yogananda R, Dr. Bharathi DR, Varsha Padman, Dr.Sandeep GN, India.  


“Guideline for Establishing the Maximum Allowable Effectiveness and Sufficient Contact Time Period for Used as Disinfectant and Sanitization Solution” by Asheesh Singh, Parul Singh, India.



“A Study on Developmental Toxicity of Bisphenol A (BPA) in Maternal Exposed Wistar Rats” by Seema Srivastava, Nupoor Dhagga, India.



“FTIR Spectral Analysis and Comparative Antioxidant Activity of Chemical and Biological Silver Nanoparticles” by Patil Sunita, Rajiv P, Muthuswamy Palaniswamy, India.  


“Relationship between Socio-Demographic Features of Women Entrepreneurs and Motivational Factors for Starting of Beauty Clinics” by Dr. M. Chitra, Dr. S. Sujatha, India.



“Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice in Medical Students of Yenepoya Medical College, Mangalore. A Questionnaire Based Study” by Dr. Sadaf Ali, Dr. Greeshma B. Kotian, Dr. Nivedita L. Rao, India.



“Isolation and Characterization of Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Aeromonas spp. from Urinary Stone of Urolithiasis Patients” by S.D. Deokar, D.G. Kadam, India.



“Leaves of Coriandrum sativum as an Indigenous Medicinal Spice Herb of India: A Mini Review” by Suvendu Ghosh, Partha Sarathi Singha, Debosree Ghosh, India.



“Structure-activity Relationship of Bioactive Compounds of Phyllanthus urinaria in Scavenging Free Radicals” by Parameshwaran R, Shanthi K, India.



“Facinating Actinomycetes from Unexplored Regions of Pichavaram Mangrove Ecosystem” by Kalpana devi Mohan, Usha Rajamanickam, India.



“DE - Stressing Parents by Discerning about Child Sexual Abuse” by Julie Das, K Jayakrishnan, India.



“Antioxidant Effects of Cinnamon Supplementation in Ratte Strain Wistar with Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes” by Boudiaf Fella, Chouba Ibtissem, Benkermiche Sabri, Boukhris Nadia, Tahraoui Abdelkrim, Algeria.



“To study Antibacterial Activity of Palm Wine against Bacterial Pathogens Isolated from the Clinical Samples” by Dr. Meera Chavan, Satish Deokar, Nitin Deshmukh, Rahul Shelke, Ganesh Aware, India.



“Antibacterial Activity of Honey against Selected Pyogenic Bacteria” by Kulandhaivel Murugesan, Hridhya Vijayan, Muthuvel Ramanathan Ezhilarasi, Parimala Maheshwaran, India.



“Pharmacognostical Studies of Roots of Symphytum officinaleby Manpreet Kaur, Hayat M Mukhtar, India.



“Pharmacosomes: A Novel Vesicular Approach for Targeted Drug Delivery” by Patil Nikhil, Gupta Anand, Chauhan Akash, Jadhav Amit, Rane Bhushan, Jain Ashish, India.



In vitro Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity of Some Medicinal Plants against Xanthomonas pisi causing Leaf Spot of Pea” by Ashwani Kumar Verma, Kailash Agrawal, India.



“Pharmacognostic and Volatile Oils Content for Iraqi and Turkish Pinus halepensisby Widad M. K. Al-ani, Rasha Eldalawy, Thamer Mouhi Jasiem, Iraq.



“Comprehensive Review on Current Developments of Tandem Reaction Based Organic Synthesis” by Gejalakshmi. S, Valentina P, Maheshwaran A, India.



“Biochemical Profile Alterations in Dengue Patients” by Sudha K, Dushyanth B, Ashok Prabhu, Souparnika, India.



“Ameliorating Effects of Aqueous Extract of Zingiber officinale against Dichlorovos Induced Liver Toxicity in Male Albino Rats” by Bhawana Sharma, Priyanka Sharma, S.C. Joshi, India.



“Photoluminescence Properties of Sm(III) complex with β-hydroxyketone Ligand Amplified by usage of 5-Nitro-1, 10-phenanthroline” by Rajesh Kumar, India.



“Design and Standardization of Novel Muco-Adhesive Vaginal Herbal Tablet for Treatment of Leucorrhea Using In-Vitro and In-Situ Methods” by Mradu Gupta, Benoy Brata Bhowmik, Nandita Karmakar, Saswati Sasmal, India.



“A Rare Case Report of Successfully Managed Rhinocerebral mucormycosisby Dr Sambhu Ramesh, Dr Manas Joshi M, Dr Sachin Jose, India.



“Potential Bio-Resources of Momordica dioica Roxb: A Review” by Deepak Kumar Jha, Raju Koneri, Suman Samaddar, India.


“Synthesis and Biological Properties of Tb(III) Complex with 1-(2-hydroxy-4,6-dimethoxyphenyl)ethanone and Heterocyclic Ancillary Ligand” by Rajesh Kumar, India.



“Nanomaterials in Periodontal Tissue Engineering” by Smriti Balaji, India.



“Simultaneous Estimation of Loratadine and Ambroxol Hydrochloride from Tablet Dosage Form by HPLC Method” by Madhusudant Bachute, S.V.Shanbhag, India.



“Effect of Treatment with Glucophage or Glibenclamide, alone or in Combination on the Serum Visfatin Level in Type 2 Diabetic Patients” by Farah A Hassan, Sajida H Ismael, Iraq.



“Statistical Modeling and Optimization for L-Methionine Production by Corynebacterium glutamicumn Using Plackett-Burman Design, Response Surface Methodology and Artificial Neural Networks” by A. Venkata Narayana, A.V.N.Swamy, India.



“Effects of Magnesium L-lactate on Metabolic Syndrome Features in a Sample of Iraqi Women” by Ekhlas Khammas Hasan, Bahir Abdul Razzaq Mshimesh, Faris Abdul Kareem Khazaal, Lewai Sharqi Abdul Aziz, Suzan Yousif Jasim, Gaith Ali Jasim, Iraq.



“Antimicrobial Activity of Lemon Peel Extract against the Bacteria Belonging to the Genus xanthomonasby Kupwade Shivani R., Manglani Neha S., Wadkar Suryakant S., Inamdar Farida R., Shete Chidanand C., Ghosh Jai S., India.



“Formulation and Evaluation of Fast Dissolving Mucoadhesive Buccal Films of Candesartan Cilexitil using Factorial Design” by A Prameela Rani, B Radha Madhavi, India.



“Microwave Assisted Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of 1,3,4-thiadiazole Derivative of Guar gum” by Sangeeta Loonker, Akanksha Maheshwari, India.



“Implementation of Environmental Legislation, Environmental Knowledge, Pollution, Climate Changes, Rational Use of Natural Sources of Kosova” by Sabiha Shala, Bedri Millaku, Adem Dreshaj, Afrim Selimaj, Emine Turkaj, Kosovo.



“The Effects of Lack of Competition Control in Kosova’s Economy Case Study: Insurance Industry (Creation of Cartels)” by Dr.Halit Shabani, Armend Mehmetaj, Besfort Ahmeti, Aferdita Shabani, Kosovo.



“The Humic Acids of Peat. Physico-Chemical Properties and Biological Activity in Erythrocytes” by Nina Melnikova, Olga Solovjeva, Olga Vorobyova, Anna Solovyeva, Peter Peretyagin, Natalya Didenko, Valentina Korobko, Russia.