International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 42, Issue 2, January - February 2017

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“Association of Apolipoprotein E, Methylenetetrahydrofolate genotypes, Lipids levels and Alzheimer disease in an Algerian Population” by A.Ouldjaoui, N.Abadi, K.Sifi, Y.Sifi, A. Hamri, C.Benlatreche, Algeria.



“Development and Validation of Analytical Method for Estimation of 5-Fluorouracil in Bulk and Marketed Formulation by UV-Spectrophotometer” by Pournima S. Rokade, Pallavi M. Patil, India.



“The Development of Cesarean Baby is Different than Normally Delivered Baby: Nurses Concern towards Changing Scenario” by Pratibha Khosla, Pravati Tripathy, Debjani Nayak, Chandrama Sarkar, India.



“Investigation of the Anti-obsessive Comulsive Activity of Pyrus communis Juice in Mice” by Arzoo, Milind Parle, India.



“Knowledge, Attitude and Perception towards Organic Based Cosmetic Formulation in the Multicultural, Civilized Society - A Survey” by Kalyani. P, Dr. Vishnupriya. V, R. Gayathri, India.  


“Pharmacology, Phytochemistry and Toxicology of Semecarpus anacardium: A Review” by Mishra Sanjeeb Kumar, Tiwari Prashant, Sahu Pratap Kumar, India.



“Anti-bacterial Potential and Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis of an Invasive Alien Plant Mikania micrantha Kunth. found in Dhenkanal District of Odisha, India” by Sandeep Kumar Nayak, Monalisha Maharana, Sasmita Jagat, Akhtari Khatoon, Kunja Bihari Satapathy, India.



“A Morphometric Study of Distal Articulating Surfaces of Tibia and Fibula in South Indian Population with Its Clinical Implications” by Chandni Gupta, Vikram Palimar, Nivedita Nayak, Jitendra Singh Yadav, Sneha Guruprasad Kalthur, India.



“Corticotropic and Behavioral Response of Stressed Pregnant Rats Treated with Harmine” by Rima Benatoui, Hayette Faci, Issam Nessaibia, Abdelmadjid Bairi, Abdelkrim Tahraoui, Algeria.



“Formulation and Evaluation of Oro-Dispersible Tablets Containing Meclizine Hydrochloride” by Rakhee K. Kotecha, Anil V. Chandewar, Anand S. Surana, India.



“Spectrophotometric Determination of Paracetamol in Some Manufactured Tablets in Iraqi Markets” by Ahmed Mahdi Saeed, Iraq.



“Pharmaceutical Care Intervention among Saudi Hypertensive Patients in Hospital Outpatients Clinic” by Adil A. Mahmoud, Mirghani A.Yousif, Ahmed A. Albarraq, Mohammed M.Maugrabi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



“Phytochemical Investigation of Fruits and Seeds of Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) grown in Iraq” by Kwakib J. Saad, Iraq.  


“Comparative Study of Generic Drug Approval Process in EU, USA and CHINA” by Rahul Raj .S, N. Vishal Gupta, India.



“Role of Elaeocarpus ganitrus ROXB. in Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease in Cholesterol Fed Rabbits” by Pratibha Kumari Jain, Priyanka Sharma, Suresh Chand Joshi, India.



“Synthesis of Potential Agents for the Therapy of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Based on Thietane 2-bromoimidazole-4,5-dicarboxylic acid Derivatives” by Ferkat Khaliullin, Anfisa Valieva, Alexander Spasov, Valentina Kuznetsova, Andrey Raschenko, Denis Babkov, Russia.  


“Assessment of in vitro - in vivo Antimigratory and Anti-angiogenic activity of Curcuma longa linn. and Tinospora cordifolia willd. Extracts in Cervical Cancer” by Prajakta H Paradkar, Sucheta P Dandekar, Jayashree V Joshi, Ashok J Amonkar, Ashok DB Vaidya, India.



“Influence of Coconut Husk on Poultry Excreta in Organic Manure Formulation” by S. Anbuselvi, Guddu kumar, India.



“A Case Report on Risperidone Induced Diabetic Ketoacidosis” by Bini Vincent, Aloysius James, Sreekrishnan T P, Gireesh Kumar, Meenu Vijayan, India.



“Detection and Prevention of Medication Errors in the Operating Rooms of a Pediatric Surgery Department in Egypt” by Mai Gamal Fawaz, Nagwa Ali Sabri, Ayman Ahmed Albaghdady, Fady Adib Abdel Malek, Egypt.



“Systematic Review of Published Studies on Healthcare Economic Evaluation in Cambodia, Myanmar and LAOS” by Phung Thu Hoa Tran, Ha Thi Thanh Tran, Thuy Van Ha, Trung Quang Vo, Vietnam.



“Analytical Method Development and Validation for the Estimation of Imatinib Mesylate and its Impurity in Pharmaceutical Formulation by RP-HPLC” by Arun Kumar Kuna, Ganapaty Seru, Gadela Venkata Radha, India.



“Identification, Characterization of Pigment Producing Bacteria from Soil and Water and Testing of Antimicrobial Activity of Bacterial Pigments” by Sinha S, Choubey S, Ajay Kumar A, Bhosale P, India.



“Pharmaceutical Quality and Risk Assessment: A Case study” by Keerthana M.D, N. Vishal Gupta, India.



“In Vitro Hepatoprotective Activity of Barleria montana Nees Leaves against Anti-Tubercular Drugs induced Hepatotoxicity in BRL3A Cell Lines” by Jyothi Basini, Mohana Lakshmi Sabapathi, India.



“Formulation Development and Evaluation of Modified Release Tablet Using a Fixed Dose Combination of Antidiabetic Agents” by Nishit Gohel, D M Patel, Komal Patel, Jignasa Modi, India.



“Formulation Development and Evaluation of Antidiabetic Polyherbal Tablet” by Komal Patel, Lal Hingorani, Vinit Jain, India.



“Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Oral Cancer among General Dentists” by DR. M.P. Santhosh Kumar, India.



“An Insight to Churg Strauss Syndrome (CSS)” by Karthika Unnikrishnan, Kattakkayam Sukanya Mathew, Denna Lukose, Roshni P R, Remya Reghu, India.



“Biosynthesis Characterization and Evaluation of Silver Nanoparticles of Alternanthera sessilis (linn.) and its Ethanolic Extract in High Fat Diet induced Dementia Model” by Jahanara Hameed, Sibi P Ittiavirah, India.



“Health Economic Evaluation for Seasonal Influenza Vaccination among Elderly People: A Literature Review” by Van Hoang Le Lam, Thuy Van Ha, Trung Quang Vo, Vietnam.



“Therapeutic Effects of Policosanol and Omega-3 Fish Oil against Global Brain Ischemia-reperfusion in Mongolian gerbilsby Vivian Molina Cuevas, Yazmín Ravelo Calzado, Licet Mena Valdes, Miriam Noa Puig, Yohani Pérez Guerra, Ámbar Oyarzábal Yera, Maikel Valle Clara, Sonia Jiménez Despaigne, Cuba.



“Behcet’s Syndrome – An Uncommon Disorder” by Karthika Unnikrishnan, Remya Reghu, India.



“Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Basic Life Support among Undergraduate Dental Students” by Dr. M.P.Santhosh Kumar, India.



“Affordable Technologies to Stop Bleeding from Haemorrhage: New Role of Pharmacists in its R&D and Rational Use in Rural India” by Juna Konikkara, Alex Antony, Renju Radhakrishnan, Megha Hanssen, Athira J Nair, Rashmi Radhakrishnan, Kaladhar Kamalasanan, India.



“Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus Phage Types and their Correlation to Antimicrobial Resistance in a Tertiary Care Hospital” by Vazhavandal G, Uma A, India.



“The Enzymatic Components of Antioxidative Defence System in Black Gram and Cluster Bean Seeds and Seedlings” by Baskaran.A, Muruganandam. A, India.


“An Empirical Study on Enhancing Linguistic Skillsthrough English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Course for Pharmacy Students” by Anderleen Diana Lazarus, Dr.K. Selva Sundaram, Dr.K.Anbazhagan, India.



“Phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of Caesalpinia bonducella Leaves” by Nirmala R. Kakade, Shirish S. Pingale, Manohar G. Chaskar, India.



“Quantitative Determination of Venlafaxine HCl in Capsules ‎Using Prepared Ion Selective Membrane Electrode” by Lamia A. Al-bedair, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



“Susceptibility of Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Lines (HepG-2) in Linderina madayiparense Extracts” by Umakrithika Chiranjeevi, Anandarajagopal Kalusalingam, Kannan Kamarajan, India.



“Essential Amino Acids Content Determination of Hard Gelatin Capsules from Vitamin Formulation by HPLC” by SP.Karuppiah, K.Anver Basha, India.



“GC-MS Analysis of Triphaladi Rasayana, an Ayurvedic Rejuvenant” by Muthu Lakshmi Muthiah, Mudiganti Ram Krishna Rao, Arul Amutha Elizabeth, Farhana Rahman, Prabhu K, Anna Shaju, Veena Krishna, India.



“New Multifunctional Properties of Synthetic Fabrics coated by Nanoparticles” by S.M. Gawish, A.M. Ramadan, G.H.Sayed, A.M. Hussien, Egypt.



Lagenaria siceraria with Cow Urine Evaluated as an Herbal Drug for Hypolipidemic Potential” by Pankaj Kumar, Shailendra Sharma, H.C. Patil, India.



“Hypolipidemic Potential of Herbal Drugs (Lagenaria siceraria and Carica papaya) and Cow Urine: A Review” by Pankaj Kumar, Shailendra Sharma, India.



“Study of Some Variables Affecting Product Properties of Felodipine Nano Precipitation” by Mohammed S. Fayyad, Mowafaq M. Ghareeb, Hanan J. Kassab, Iraq.



“Anti-inflammatory Activity of Methanolic Extract of Whole Plant of Euphorbia nivulia on Carageenin Induced Edema in Wistar Rats” by Yeruva Rosi Reddy, India.