International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 41, Issue 2, November - December 2016

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“Impacts of Simultaneous Administration of Omega-3 fatty acids with Amoxicillin/Clavulanic Acid on Albino Rats' Liver and Bile” by Alaa K. J. Al-Rikabi, Nada N Alshawi, Iraq.



“Medium Optimization of the Endophytic Fungus Eupenicillium Sp. Isolated from Acacia nilotica L. for its Antimicrobial Activity against Oral Pathogens” by Meenambiga.S.S, Rajagopal.K, India.



“Brine Shrimp Lethality Assay of Acacia catechu Bark Ethanolic Extract” by Indhumathi.M, Lakshmi.T, India.



In vitro Anti- arthritic activity of Hemidesmus indicus Root extract” by B.L Abiraamasri, Lakshmi.T, India.



Polycystic Kidney Disease - A Review” by Shabana Bowsiya, India.  


Bioprospecting of Adenoon indicum: An Endemic Plant of Asteraceae from Western Ghats of India” by R. P. Mane, P. V. Anbhule, S. V. Patil, V. B. Shimpale, India.



Impacts of Extracts of Select Easily Available Plants on Obesity: Initial Quest for an Anti - Obesity Oral Supplement – A Review” by Satabdi Bhattacharjee, Barnini Bhattacharya, Surjani Chatterjee, Ayan Chatterjee, Sandipan Chatterjee, Neepa Banerjee, Santanu De, Kuntal Ghosh, Shankarashis Mukherjee, India.



Dynamic Lung Function Tests in Occupationally Exposed Petrol Pump Workers of Western Maharashtra” by Patil Smita V., Gaikwad Pandurang B, Sampada Kanitkar, Suvarna T. Jadhav, Ulhas S. Mali, Sudhir Sase, India.



Detection of Sitosterol in Chenopodium album of Iraq by GC/MS analysis” by Anwar M. Abdulkareem, Widad M K Al-Ani, Ayad M. R. Raauf, Iraq.



Efficient One Pot Synthesis of TiO2-induced Nanoparticles via Microwave Irradiation and its Application in Cotton Dyeing with Some Acid Dyes” by N.S.Elshemy, S.A.Mahmoud, HM.Mashaly, K.Haggag, Egypt.



Monitoring of Vector-borne Diseases: Investigation of Feeding Preferences of the Sand Fly, Phlebotomus perniciosus (Diptera: Psychodidae) in a Focus of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Aichoun, North center of Morocco” by Fatima Zahra Talbi, Lotfi Aarab, Chafika Faraj, Abdellatif Janati Idrissi, Abdelhakim El Ouali Lalami, Morocco.



Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity of Herbal Gel from the Ethanolic Extract of the Stem Bark of Bauhinia variegata linn.” by Malarkodi Velraj, Dhulipalla Sowmya, Sindhukavi. D, India.



Azithromycin Induced Angioedema – A Rare Case Report” by Saikeerthana PC, Anila KN, Mary Jacob, Dona S Raju, India.  


Starch as Pharmaceutical Excipient” by Barmi Hartesi, Sriwidodo, Marline Abdassah, Anis Yohana Chaerunisaa, Indonesia.



Stability Indicating Validated RP-HPLC Method for Simultaneous Determination of Perindopril Erbumine and Amlodipine Besylate in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form” by SK.Mastannamma, I.S.Tejaswini, Reehana.SK, P. Saidulu, India.



Synthesis, Spectral and Antimicrobial Investigation of Some New Coordination compounds of Palladium (II) with Biologically Active Nitrogen donor Ligands” by Kavita Yadav, S. Varshney, Dr. A. K. Varshney, India.  


Development and Evaluation of Anti-Cancer Activity of Phytosome Formulated from the Root Extract of Clerodendron infortunatum Linn” by Sundaraganapathy, Leena.P.N, India.



Bee Alert! Multiple honey bee stings lead to Heart Attack: A case report” by Kiran Shetty, Ranjan Shetty, Naveen Chandra GS, Umesh Pai, Amruth Kiran, Mohan NK, India.



Ticagrelor Induced Angioedema: A Case Report” by Kiran Shetty, Ranjan Shetty K, M Rajarajan, Naveen Chandra GS, Amruth Kiran, Prasad N Shetty, India.



Antiangiogenesis and Antioxidant Effect of Anabasis articulata Stems Extracts” by Waleed K. Abdulsahib, Abdulkareem H. Abd, Ban Jumaa Qasim, Hayder B Sahib, Iraq.



L-Theanine: A Prospective Natural Medicine” by Sirshendu Chatterjee, Ananya Chatterjee, Sandip K. Bandyopadhyay, India.



eClinical Technologies - Accelerating Clinical Trials with A Better and Defensible Data: Review of Challenges Addressed, Key Components, Benefits and Global Market Insights” by Raju Sama, Chaya Devi B, Vijaya Lakshmi N, Suresh A, Sathish M, India.



Cytotoxic Effect of Citrus limetta and Citrus sinensis on Molt-3 Cell Line” by Iswariya, G.T, Suganya, V., Padma, P.R, Nirmaladevi, R, India.



Development and Validation of Stability Indicating HPTLC method for Simultaneous Estimation of Ilaprazole and Domperidone in Bulk and Solid Dosage Form” by Ram S. Sakhare, Sanjay S. Pekamwar, Sujata D.Dhamne, India.



Development and Validation of Vorinostat in Bulk and Formulation by RP-HPLC” by Dhana Lakshmi K, Manasa Sanagapati, Rajitha Samala, Nagarjuna Reddy G, India.



“Chitosan - Eudragit Magnetic Microspheres of Sulfasalazine for Colon Drug Delivery” by Thamburu Sasidharan, Shammika.P, Sabitha.M, Sreeja C. Nair, India.



Potency of Tetrahydropentagamavunon-0 (THPGV-0) and Tetrahydropentagamavunon-1 (THPGV-1) as Antifungal Agents” by Ritmaleni, Sardjiman, Yekti Agustina, Esti Wulandari, Indah Purwantini, Indonesia.



Influence of Liquid Culture Media, Temperature and Hydrogen Ion Concentration on the Growth of Mycelium and Sporulation of Arthroderma multifidumby Tarun Kumar Kumawat, Anima Sharma, Seema Bhadauria, India.



Synthesis of Oxadiazole Derivatives: An Overview” by Leena K Pappachen, Amrutha Unnikrishnan, Revathy Sreedhar, Shalumol A, Sneha James, India.



Formulation, Optimization and Evaluation of Solid Dispersions of Metformin HCl Using Factorial Design” by Mohammed Mannaa, Ahmed Abdel Bary, Mona El Assal, Fathy Abdullah, Egypt.



Recovery of Polyphenols from Agro-food Byproducts: Coconut Shell and Groundnut Hull” by Ajay, S., Madhan, S., Vadivel, V., Brindha, P, India.



Molecular Modeling and Structural Analysis of Helicobacter pylori Pseudaminic Acid Biosynthesis UDP-Sugar Hydrolase PseG” by Syeda Umme Habiba Wahid, Bangladesh.



Anticonvulsant Activity of Leaf Extracts of Albizia lebbeck Linn in Experimental Rats” by Srivastav Neeti, Saklani Sarla, Juyal Vijay, Tiwari Brijesh K, India.



Economic and Humanistic Outcomes among Patients Receiving Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in a Tertiary Care Hospital of South India” by Pradeep M Muragundi, Anil M Tumkur, Ranjan Shetty K, Nayanabhirama Udupa, Anantha N Naik, India.



Wellness Travel and Happiness: An Empirical Study into the Outcome of Wellness Activities on Tourists’ Subjective Wellbeing” by Subathra Krishnamoorthy, Dr. T.Ramachandran, India.



Analytical Study for the Adsorption of Trifluoperazine HCl from Aqueous Solutions using Inert Polyacrylic Acid” by Mohammad J. Hamzah, Rawa M.M Taqi, Abdulbari M.Mahood, Iraq.



TLC based Chemotaxonomic approach of Some Laurels Present in Sub-Himalayan Terai & Duars region of India” by Palash Mandal, Dibakar Choudhury, Mitali Ghosal, Abhaya Prasad Das, India.


Solubility Enhancement of Synthesized Quinazolinone Derivative by Solid Dispersion Technique” by Vidya Viswanad, Shammika.P, Aneesh T P, India.



Preparation and Evaluation of Bioadhesive Ocular Inserts of Aceclofenac” by Kalyanwat R, Shrivastava B, Pathak K, India.



In vitro Antioxidant and in vivo Antidiabetic Potential of n-butanol Extract of Chrysanthemum fuscatum in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats” by Nassima Boubekri, Amel Amrani, Djamila Zama, Houcine Dendougi, Fadila Benayache, Samir Benayache, Algeria.



Review on Cancer Cell Line Studies” by S.Dhanalakshmi, G. Sangeetha, K. Lokesh, U.Aleemasahada, Deng Arok deng, India.



Chemotherapy of Breast Cancer by Heterocyclic Compounds” by Salam A. Mohammed, Firas Hassan, Anil K. Philip, Ayah Abdul Hameed, Emad Yousif, Sultanate of Oman.



Antidiabetic and Antioxidant Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Ajuga parviflora Benth. (Lamiaceae) vern. Neelkanthi, Neelbati” by Nirja, Richa, M.L.Sharma, India.



In-Vitro Hemolytic and Clot Buster Activity of the Extracts of Ananas comosus (Pineapple)” by Moni Philip Jacob Kizhakedathil, Prithvi Sinha, Arif Ali Mahuwala, Sangeetha Subramanian, India.



Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Analysis and Cytotoxic Potential of Ethyl Acetate Extract of Streptomyces sp. Kod10” by Febina Bernice Sharon, India.



Comparison of Efficacy and Safety Profile of Oral Iron Formulations in Patients with Iron Deficiency Anemia” by Naveen Kumar Panicker, Hridya A, Dr. Raghuveer Prabhu, India.



Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity Study of New Metal Complexes with Nalidixic Acid Hydrazones” by Karima F. Ali, Mayada H. AL-qaissi, Dina Saleem, Iraq.



Partial Purification and Characterization of a Galactose Specific Lectin from Chrysophyllum cainito L, a Plant that Shows Hypoglycemic Activity” by Deepti Madayi, Sreekala S, Manju Mohan, Deepthi V.C, Anusha T.S, Elyas K K, India.



Mutational Studies on Alkaline Protease from Aspergillus awamori by Radhika Pilli, Siddalingeshwara K. G, India.



In-Vitro Cytotoxicity Screening of the Selected Ethnomedicinal Plants for their Activity on Breast Cancer” by Dhara Bhatt, Khushboo Jethva, Maitreyi Zaveri, India.



“Study of Sesbania grandiflora as Natural, Economical and Effective alternative to Synthetic Indicator” by Vaishali Jalindar Mahadik, Rohini Ramchandra Tate, Dr. Kiran A. Wadkar, India.



A Study on Some Variables Affecting the Preparation of Ethyl Cellulose Based Floating Microspheres of Lafutidine” by Karrar Talib Khudhair, Eman B.H.Al-Khedairy, Iraq.



Thermo Physical Properties of Ternary Mixtures of Dimethyl sulphoxide, Benzene, m-Xylene at Various Temperatures” by Manaswini Mishra, Upendra Nath Dash, Nandita Swain, India.



Lamotrigine and Memory Impairment Associated with Generalized Seizures: A Study on Maximal Electroshock Seizure Model of Mice” by Asher John Mohan, Krishna Kamsagara Linganna, India.



Opinion on Occupational Health Problems among Salt Workers at Saltpan in Tamilnadu” by Dr.K.Muthalagu, S.Murugan, India.



Efficacy of Preparation of Time Programmed Double Pulse Press Coated Tablet Containing Fixed Dose Combination of Montelukast Sodium and Levocetrizine Dihydrochloride for Treatment of Nocturnal Asthma” by Nidhal Khazaal Maraie, Anmar Abdelrazzaq Albahadily, Iraq.



Unethical Practices and Values of Marketing Executives of Pharma Industries in the Present Corporate World” by J.A.Balendran Miranda, Dr.A.Chandra Mohan, Dr.R.Mohan, India.



Adsorption of Cu2+ and Mn2+ From Aqueous Solutions by Kosovo Clay” by Teuta Selimi, Naim Hasani, Makfire Sadiku, Melek Behluli, Vjollca Berisha, Kosovo.



Formulation and Evaluation of Fluticasone Propionate Colon Targeted Tablet” by Worood Hameed AL-Zheery, Balkis Ahmed Kamal, Iraq.



Sexual Dimorphism in Achieved Cognitive Skills of Adolesence Age Group – A Case Study” by Dr. Anshul Ramesh, India.



Potentiometric Sensor for the Determination of Betaxolol Hydrochloride in Plasma and Urine” by Amani S. Alturiqi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Efficient Automatic Seizure Detection Algorithms to Classify Epilepsy from EEG Signals Using Certain Post Classifiers” by Sunil Kumar Prabhakar, Harikumar Rajaguru, India.



Synthesis, Antimicrobial Evaluation and Docking Studies of Novel Quinoline Carboxamide Analogs” by Gaikwad Kiran Narayan, Kini Suvarna.Ganesh, Saxena Akashdeen, Martina Suganthi, Ballal Mamatha, Muhammad Mubeen, India.



Enhancement of Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Activity for the Soft Coral Associated Fungus Aspergillus unguis SPMD-EGY by Media Composition” by Faten K. Abd El-Hady, Mohamed S. Abdel-Aziz, Ahmed M.A. Souleman, Zeinab A. El-Shahid, Kamel H. Shaker, Egypt.



“The anti-proliferative activity of Phoenix dactylifera seed extract on MCF-7 breast cancer cell line” by Noor A. Al-Zubaidy, Adeeb A. Al-Zubaidy, Hayder B. Sahib, Iraq.



“The Anti-proliferative Activity of Vitis vinifera Leaves of Methanol Extract alone and in combination with Doxorubicin against Liver Cancer Cell Line” by Zainab Khalid Ali, Haitham, Mahmood Kadhim, Hayder B Sahib, Iraq.



“Anti-Angiogenic Activity of Matricaria chamomilla Flowers Methanol Extract in Vivo Study” by Adeeb A. AL-Zubaidy, Safaa H. Ganduh, Iraq.



“Synthesis, Characterization, DNA-binding, Photocleavage, Cytotoxicity of CO(III) Mixed Polypyridyl Complexes” by Ch. Ravi, Kamakshi Dandu, Vuradi Ravi Kumar, Yata Praveen Kumar, Suman S Thakur, Ch. Mohan Rao, S. Satyanarayana, India.



“Development and Evaluation of Atazanavir Solid SEDDS: In vitro - in vivo Evaluation Studies” by Karunakara Reddy T, Yajaman Sudhakar, N Devanna, India.