International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 40, Issue 2, September - October 2016

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“Effect of Air Pollutants on Birth Weight- A Review” by Anupama Deepak, Gayatri Devi, India.



“Effect of Vacomil on Some Reproductive and biochemical Profiles of Male pigeons” by CHOUABIA Amel, Kamel KHELILI, Mohamed Salah BOULAKOUD, Algeria.



“Effect of Local Anaesthesia in Young Pulpal Cells- A Review” by Ashok Kumar M D, India.



“Pancreatic Cancer and its Treatment: An Insight into its Recent Developments” by Jismy Karakkattu, Kavya Vinod, Anila K.N, Dr. Ranjini Pillai, India.



“Carbamazepine Induced Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis – A Rare Case Report” by Aparna R Das, Saikeerthana PC, Krishnapriya Raj, Anila K.N, India.  


“Comparative Study of Root Bark and Flower of Lantana camara for Evaluation of Antibacterial Activities” by Sushma Jhariya, Arun Kakkar, Manoj K Pathak, India.



“Phytochemical Analysis of Leaf Extracts from Wrightia tinctoria R.Br. and its Antidermatophytic Activity” by Deventhiran M, John Wyson W, Marimuthu S, Anantha Padmanabhan S, Saravanan P, Anand D, Rajarajan S, India.



“Effect of Indazole and its Derivative on Aspirin Induced Gastric Ulcers in Rats” by Chakrapani Cheekavolu, M Muniappan, N Jagan, K Vidyalakshmi, India.



“Comparative Toxicological Evaluations (Acute Toxicity) of Raw (unprocessed) and Processed (detoxified / shodhit) Extracts from Kupeelu (strychnos nux-vomica linn.) in Wistar Rats” by VGS Sharma, MN Reddy, India.



“Hepatoprotective Role of Abutilon indicum on Lead Induced Liver Injury in Wistar Rats” by S. Asha Devi, S. Annie Jeyachristy, J. Arul Daniel, R. Santhosh Kumar, India.



“An Overview of Empirical study on Employability Skills among College Youth in 21st Century” by K. Selvasundaram, India.



“Vermicompost Application to Improve Corm Quality of Amorphophallus Intercropped In Indian Goose Berry Orchard” by Shailesh Kumar Singh, Madhu Sharma, Pradeep Kumar Singh, India.



“In Situ Gel for Treatment of Bacterial Conjunctivitis” by Ankita Kapoor, G.D Gupta, India.  


“Insights on Anti-inflammatory Effect of Sequentially Extracted Fractions of Costus pictus: An in vitro Study” by Kalpana.R, Amala Reddy, India.



“Isolation and Production of Amylase from Aspergillus niger Using Jackfruit Seed as Substrate” by F. Starlet Priya, A. Renu, M. Murugan, India.



“Risk Factors for Mortality in Liver Transplant Recipients” by Roshni PR, Tom Francis, India.  


“A Questionnaire based Study on Vitamin A Deficiency Awareness among Mothers of Children under Ten Years” by Ashwini Shenai, Dr.M.P. Brundha, India.



“Quantitative Analysis of Desvenlafaxine Hydrochloride‎ by Ion Selective Electrode” by Amani S. Alturiqi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



“Review on Maxillary and Mandibular Arch Forms” by Vane Swetah C.S., Dr. Saravana Pandian, India.



“Effectiveness of 4 Different Disinfectants in Removing 2 Microorganisms from Acrylic Resins” by Smriti Balaji, Muralidharan.N.P, India.



“Lake Color Formulation of Beetroot Extract and its Optimization” by Shivali Singla, Sachin Goyal, Himanshu Paliwal, Mukul Mathur, Chetan Singh Chauhan, Shashi Daksh, India.



“In Silico Approach of Apoptosis Inducing Ability of Different Indole Derivatives by Interaction with CASPASE9” by Abinitha. S. Sekhar, Saranya T.S, Vaishnav Baskar, Asha Ashokan Manakadan, India.



“Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Screening of Some Weeds of Asteraceae Family and Widely Known Medicinal Herb Paederia foetida L.” by Dilip Tamang, Banashree Chetia Phukan, Prafulla Dutta, Utpala Devi, Vinita Malik, India.



“A Study on Clinical Pharmacist Interventions in the Management of Sepsis in A Tertiary Care Hospital” by U.Aravind Krishnan, Rony Mathew, Ivy Jesse, Siby Joseph, Shyam Sundar.P, India.



“A Comparison of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Three Alcohol Biofuels: Ethanol, n-butanol and Isopropyl” by M.Krishnamoorthi, R.Malayalamurthi, India.



“Adrenergic Agonist Aided Activation of Adrenergic Anti Inflammatory Pathway for Inflammation Modulation” by Kunal Gupta, Hazif Muhammed, Fazil, Jagadish V Kamath, India.



“Molecular Structures, Conformations, and Vibration Spectra of the 1,4-Diazabicyclo[2.2.0]Hexane” by Rana Jamal, Shatha Fadil Al-Saidi, Iraq.



“Pharmacognostic, Phytochemical, and Pharmacological Investigation on Leaf and Root of Mirabilis jalapa Linn (Nyctaginaceae)” by Aher A.N., Bhagure Kavita, Malode Sunanda, Bodile Shubhangi, India.



“A Study on Health Hazard of Salt Workers in Tamilnadu Coastal Areas” by D. Durairaj, S.Murugan, India.



“Radon Monitoring in Eco-Friendly Textile Printing of Natural Fabrics” by M. Rekaby, Doaa H. Shabaan, Hayam A. Abdel Ghany, Egypt.



“The Potency of Marine Natural Compounds – An In Silico Approach” by P.G. Stella, K.S. Meena, India.



“Gelatin-Based Nanoparticles as Drug Delivery System of Lornoxicam Gel” by EL- Assal M. I. A., Egypt.



“Recent Advances in Treatment for Tuberculosis: a Review” by S.S. Padgilwar, A.Y. Sahare, R.S. Manmode, Manish Kadam, P.P. Warade, D.D. Kumbhar, J.V. Manwar, United States of America.



In silico Screening of Various Natural Compounds to Predict the Potential Inhibitors that Target the HIV-1 Protease Sub Type –A” by Jitender Singh, Ashvinder Raina, India.



“Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Essential Oils of Thymus ciliatus ssp. Coloratus from Annaba-Algeria” by Sadou Nina, Seridi Ratiba, Hamel Tarek, Algeria.



“Screening of the Antioxidant Potential of the Leaves and Flowers Extract of Erythrina variegata L. : A Comparative Study” by S. Hemmalakshmi, S. Priyanga, B. Vidya, V.K. Gopalakrishnan, K. Devaki, India.



“A Study on Protection Motivation Theory and Information Systems Security Policy Compliance” by S Rajendran, V M Shenbagaraman, India.


“Formulation Optimization and In-Vivo evaluation of Floating Gastroretentive Microsphere of Sitagliptin by 32 Factorial Design” by Sushil kumar Sah, Ajay Tiwari, B.Shrivastava, India.



Integrated Therapy of Diet and Ayurvedic Drug May Be a Safer Choice in the Prevention of Oxidative Stress-Induced Diabetes Mellitus” by Jyoti Agrawal, Anand Kar, India.



“Formulation of Herbal Emulsion based Anti-Inflammatory Cream for Skin Diseases” by Vyshali Karthikeyan, Vickram Sundaram, Ramesh Pathy Maniyan, Sridharan Balasundaram, India.



“Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity of Five Root Canal Sealants against Enterococcus faecalis – An in Vitro Study” by R .V. Geetha, Vishnu Priya Veeraraghavan, India.



“The In-vitro Antibacterial effect of the Methanolic Extract of Boswellia serrata in Combination with Dextrin and Glycerin against Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudumonas aeruginosaby Abdulkareem H Abd, Bahaa F Hussein, Hayder B Sahib, Abbas M Khalil, Iraq.



“Studies on Drug Solubilization and Role of Lipid Vehicle in Pseudo Ternary Phase Diagram in Formulation Development of SNEDDS containing Poorly Water Soluble drug” by Milan D. Limbani, Dr. L. D. Patel, India.



“Genetic Polymorphisms in Methionine synthase and Methionine synthase reductase, their metabolic effects, and Risk of Neural Tube Defects in Algerian population” by Amel Abbas, Karima Sifi, Dalila Naimi, Karima Benmebarek, Nourredine Abadi, Algeria.



“Prescription Pattern of Antimicrobial Drugs in Paediatric Outpatient Department in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital” by Pramod Kumar Manjhi, Hitesh Mishra, Harihar Dikshit, Lalit Mohan, Manish Kumar, India.



“Significance of TPO and Some Biochemical Parameters in Goiter Patients” by Israa Burhan, Ayad Kareem Khan, Anfal Kabil Adam, Iraq.



“Risk Factors Associated With Chronic Kidney Disease: An Overview” by Roshni PR, Mahitha Mathew, India.



“Solubility Enhancement, Formulation and Evaluation of Furosemide Stomach Specific Mucoadhesive Tablet” by Nora Zawar yousif, Sura Zuhair Mahmood, Zeina D. Salman, Iraq.



“Practo: Is it a Healthy Prescription for Indian Health Care Industry?” by Dr.S.Gayathry, India.



“Formulation Design and Evaluation of Anti-Microbial Activity of Emulgel Containing Essential Oil of Myrtus communis L.” by Hiba Sabah Sabri, Wedad Kamal Ali, Baydaa Hameed Abdullah, Widad M. K. Al-Ani, Iraq.



“Removal of Pb2+ and Fe2+ from Aqueous Solutions by Adsorbtion on “Kosovo” Clay” by Teuta Selimi, Makfire Sadiku, Naim Hasani, Melek Behluli, Avni Berisha, Kosovo.



“Separation of Heavy Metals Salts from Aqueous Solutions by Reverse Osmosis Membranes (317K-2)” by Teuta Selimi, Makfire Sadiku, Avni Berisha, Vjollca Berisha, Kosovo.



“The Impact of the Power Plant "Kosova" in Heavy Metal Contamination in the Sitnicë River, Groundwater and Soils around the Area” by Islam Krasniqi, Ilir Shehu, Skender Demaku, Kosovo.



“Evaluation of the Concentration of Heavy Metals in the Waters and Soil around the Kishnicë Landfill” by Islam Krasniqi, Skender Demaku, Ilir Shehu, Kosovo.