International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 39, Issue 1, July - August 2016

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“Genotoxicity Analysis of Neemoil on Oral Cancer Cell Line by DNA Fragmentation” by T. Priyadarsini, V. Vishnupriya, Gayathri.R, India.



“Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis and Cytotoxicity Potential of Bacopa monnieri on Oral Cancer Cell Lines” by Jerusha Santa Packyanathan, Gayathri.R, Vishnupriya.V, India.



“Synthesis of Pentagamavunon-0 (PGV-0): A Technique Improvement” by Ritmaleni, Indonesia.



“A Study on the Causes of Routine Work Stress and Coping Strategies Among Female Nurses in Private Diagnosis Centers Across Chennai City” by R. Ramya, K.Thamarai Selvi, India.



“Hepatoprotective and Antioxidant Properties in Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) - A Review” by Pushpanjali Hazarika, Farhan Ahmad, Ananya, Aisha Kamal, India.  


“Potentiometric Determination of Amineptine Hydrochloride in Pure Form and Urine Using Coated Wire Ion-Selective Electrode” by Salhah D. Al-qahtani, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



“Production of Single Cell Protein Using Bengal Gram Husk by Yeast” by S. Anbuselvi, India.



“Job Satisfaction of Executives with Reference to Information Technology and Pharmaceutical Industries” by A.Chandra Moha, Neti Subrahmanyam, JAB Miranda, P.Poonguzhali, India.



“Determination of Essential Oil Percentage with Evaluation of Antihyperlipidemic Activity of Three Natural Gums in Rats” by Ibrahim S. Abass, Muthanna I. Al-Ezzi, Inam S. Arif, Ghaith A. Jasim, Iraq.



“NBO- NEDA and AIM Studies on the Interactions between Benzocryptand [222B] and Li+, Na+, K+ and Ca2+by Reza Behjatmanesh–Ardakani, Motahare Delarami Arab, Zahrabatoul Mosapour Kotena, Zeinab Rousta, Abdullah Saleem, Malaysia.



“Phytosynthesis and Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles by Thunbergia fragrans ROXB.” by B. R. Hedaginal, T. C. Taranath, India.



“Use of Intravenous Butorphanol for Intrathecal Morphine-induced Pruritus after Cesarean Section: a Randomized, Placebo Controlled Study” by Chandra Sekhar Pradhan, Ranjita Baksi, Sarasa Kumar Sahoo, Sidhartha Mohanty, Mahesh Chandra Sahu, India.



“Scenario of Self Medication for Medical Abortion in a Tertiary Care Centre” by Ratna Panda, Tapan Pattanaik, Pradeep Panigrahy, Mahesh Chandra Sahu, India.  


“Validated First Order Derivative UV Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Clonazepam” by Ramaling Kotnal, Amruta Patil, Santosh Karajgi, India.



“An Insight in to the Efficacy of Dehydrozingerone against Aluminium Induced Cognitive Dysfunction in Rats” by Anusha, Mallikarjuna Rao chamallamudi, Jayesh Mudgal, Madhavan Nampoothiri, India.



“Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity Test of 1-Monocaprin” by Febri Odel Nitbani, Jumina, Dwi Siswanta, Eti Nurwening Sholikhah, Indonesia.  


“Tenderisation of Meat Using Bromelain from Pineapple Extract” by Janhvi Manohar, R. Gayathri, V. Vishnupriya, India.



Aloe vera Linn: A Review on Its Ethnobotany, Nutrients and Pharmacological Profile” by Sunil Kumar Shah, Deenanath Jhade, India.



“Antioxidant Activity of Combined Ethanolic Extract of Pisonia grandis and Cardiospermum halicacabumby S.Shobana Devi, P.Nandhini, Himanshu Tripathi, Rajeswary Hari, India.



“Relationship between Diabetes Mellitus and Serum Uric Acid Levels - A Review” by J.Sarvesh Kumar, Vishnu Priya.V, Gayathri.R, India.



“Volatile Constituents of the Flower of Perovskia atriplicifolia from Taftan Area” by A.R. Sardashti, M.H.Sangtarash, Maryam Akaberi, Iran.



“Effect of Pre-treatment Method on Biomethanation of Jatropha De-Oiled Cake” by Rajan Sharma, Shailey Singhal, Avanish.K Tiwari, India.



“Color Removal from Dye Wastewater Using Adsorption” by Ashok Kumar Popuri, Prashanti Guttikonda, India.



In vitro Antibacterial Activity of Camphor oil against Oral Microbes” by Fahmida binti Abd Rahman, Vishnu Priya, Gayathri.R, Geetha.R.V, India.



“Extraction of Antioxidant Lutein from Various Flowers” by Kamalambigeswari R., Jeyanthi Rebecca L, India.



“Design of Floating Drug Delivery Systems: An Update on Polymeric Advancements with Special Reference from Natural Origin” by Satyajit Panda, Neeraja Sukanya Sailada, Bandaru Devi, Snigdha Pattnaik, Laxmidhar Maharana, India.



“Genotoxicity Analysis of Pineapple Extract on Oral Cancer Cell Line by DNA Fragmentation” by Anisha A Mahtani, Gayathri.R, Vishnu Priya.V, India.



“Density Functional Theory Calculations and Chemical Reactivity of a Series of dibenzylaminophenyl benzene-fused bis tetrathiafulvalenes” by Amel Bendjeddou, Tahar Abbaz, Soulef Maache, Abdelkrim Gouasmia, Didier Villemin, Algeria.



“Comparative Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory Studies of Quercetin, Hesperidin and Gallic Acid on Human Red Blood Cells (hRBC) as compared to Vitamin E (Tocopherol)” by Mounamukhar Bhattacharjee, Raj kamal, Lopamudra Roy, India.



“A Technique Expanding the Limits of Structure Elucidation: LC-NMR” by Vishalkumar Shashikant Modi, Shababano Shafiq Siddique, Parixit Rohitbhai Prajapati, Tarasankar Basuri, Dimpi Rajesh Patel, India.



“A Review on Recent Advancement of Capillary Electrophoresis: Micellar Electrokinectic Chromatography and Its Applications” by Vishalkumar Shashikant Modi, Dimpi Rajesh Patel, Parixit Rohitbhai Prajapati, Tarasankar Basuri, Shababano Shafiq Siddique, India.



“Eco Safe Textile Coloration Using Natural Dye” by Merina Paul Das, R. Priyanka, A. M. Rafeequa Zaibunisa, K. Sivagami, India.



“A Study of Changes in Stress Factors during Elective Upper Abdominal Surgery Using Different Anaesthetic Techniques” by Sudeep Mohapatra, Sarthak Ranjan Nayak, Pratibha Jena, Subrat Kumar Tripathy, Saurjya Ranjan Das, India.



“Improvement of Physicomechanical and Pharmacotechnical Parameters of Ibuprofen by Crystal Engineering” by Pooja D. Vaghela, H. M. Tank, N. U. Patel, J. R. Chavda, P. I. Shah, India.



“A Prospective Study on Hypothyroidism in Premenopausal Women” by J.Divya Maria, S. Jayakumari, India.



“Stress among Pharmaceutical Students – with Special Reference to SRM University” by S. Chitra, A. Irinsutha, India.



“Impact of Patient Education on Diabetic Distress and Clinical Outcomes in Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients” by Senthilkumar Natesan, Anandhasayanam Aravamuthan, Varadharajan Venkatraman, India.


“Anti-fungal activity of Neem oil” by M. Ashfaq Ahmed, Gayathri.R, Vishnupriya .V, India.



“Surveillance of Acinetobacter Spp. and Drug Sensitivity Pattern in an Indian Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital” by Rani Sahu, Chandra Sekhar Pradhan, Bichitrananda Swain, Rajashree Panigrahy, Mahesh Chandra Sahu, India.



“HPTLC Finger Print Profile and in Vitro Antioxidant Activity of Gomphrena globosa L. Flowers” by V. Arthi, G. Prasanna, India.



“Improvement in Renal Function of Hyperhomocysteinemic Rats by Co-Enzyme Q10” by Shaiba Sana Qureshi, Jeetendra Kumar Gupta, India.



“Anti-Bacterial Activity of Neem Oil on Oral Pathogens – An In Vitro Study” by Gayathri R Menon, V. Vishnupriya, R. Gayathri, R.V. Geetha, India.



“Comparative Evaluation of Anti-Diabetic Activity of Lemon Grass Oil and Tulasi Oil” by G.Nivetha, V.Vishnupriya, R.Gayathri, India.



“Phytochemical Screening and In vitro Free Radical Scavenging of Terminalia chebulaby Nur Liyana Hannah Binti Izham Akmal, Gayathri.R, Vishnu Priya.V, India.



“Phytochemical Study and Antibacterial Activity of Crude Alkaloids and Mucilage of Cordia myxa in Iraq” by Thamer Mouhi jasiem, Suhad Faisal Hatem ALmugdadi, Ibrahim S. Aljubory,Qabas nather latef, Iraq.



“Anti-Fungal Activity of Wheat Grass Extract” by S.G. Vishnu Prasanna, R. Gayathri, Vishnu Priya, India.



“Genotoxicity Potential of Bacopa monnieri on Oral Cancer Cell Lines by DNA Fragmentation” by R.Nivesh Krishna, R. Gayathri, Vishnu Priya, India.



“Green Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Nanoparticle Using Andrographis paniculata Leaf Extract” by S.Devasenan, N.Hajara Beevi, S.S.Jayanthi, India.



“Effect of Prolonged Storage on the Biochemical Constituents of Primary Metabolites in Three Species of Bamboo Seeds” by Geetika Singh, Richa, M.L Sharma, India.



“Estimation of Serum Copper, Zinc and Iron in Patients with Oral Cancer” by Keerthika, Vishnu Priya V, Gayathri R, India.



“Genotoxic and Cytotoxic Effects of Different Xanthone Extracts of Swertia Species in Pisum sativumby Aruna Shahaji Nangare, Vijay Damodhar Mendhulkar, India.



“Synthesis and Characterization of High Performance Polymer Resin 1-N-4-SAHDF-I” by Jeevan Dontulwar, India.



“Solid Dispersion: A Novel Approach for Bioavailability Enhancement” by Nishant Thakur, Manish Goswami, Payal Mittal, Pradeep Goyal, Aditya Sood, India.



“Virulent Gene Screening of Pathogens from Saliva Samples of Caries Patients” by Preethi Mariona, Gayathri.R, Vishnupriya.V, India.



“Evaluation of Anti-Microbial Activity of Pineapple Extract against Selected Microbes” by Ashik Ahamed A, Vishnu Priya V, Gayathri R, Geetha R V, India.



“Investigation of the Main Alkaloid of London Rocket (Sisymbrium irio L) as a Wild Medicinal Plant Grown in Iraq” by Dania F. Alsaffar, Ibrahim S. Abbas, Ashour H. Dawood, Iraq.



“Analysis of Aminoglycosides” by Vrish Dhwaj Ashwlayan, Gajendrapal Singh, India.



“Isolation and Characterization of 5,7 di-O-methyl luteolin-6-C-(3’’-O-benzoyl)-β-d-xyloside from Cucumis sativus Flowers” by M.M.Senthamilselvi, N.Muruganantham, S.Solomon, India.



“Effects of Chlorpyrifos (an organophosphate pesticide) in Fish - A Review” by M. Sunanda, J. Chandra Sekhara Rao, P. Neelima, K. Govinda Rao, G. Simhachalam, India.



“Electrochemical Investigation of N10-[5'-(N-diethylamino)pentyl]-2-chlorophenoxazine (DPCP) and its Applications in Redox Titrations involving Chloramine-T (CAT)” by Sridhar B T, Channu B C, Padma T, Thimmaiah K N, Rangappa K S, Kumara M N, India.



“Trial Based Method for Detection of Shigella spp and E.coli spp by MALDI – TOF Mass Spectrometry” by J. Senthil Kumar, Rajasekaran. P, David Paul Raj.R.S, Gopal.N.O, India.



“Hepatoprotective Effect of Naravelia zeylanica against Streptozotocin- Induced Oxidative Damage in Wistar Rats” by Rajakalanithi Ayyanan, Sujatha Sundaresan, India.



“A Study of the Influence of Water Treatment Plant Sludge on Waste Water Treatment” by V. Gopalakrishnan, R. Velkennedy, India.



“An Approach towards Wireless Telemedicine Application with Reduced PAPR and BER for Epilepsy Classification” by Harikumar Rajaguru, Sunil Kumar Prabhakar, India.



“Development and Validation of a High-throughput LC–MS/MS method for the Quantitation of Total Ezetimibe in Human Plasma” by Munaga. Sathish Babu, Valluru. Rajani Kumar, Bonga. Phani Bhushana Reddy, V. Sumathi Rao, Hemanth Kumar Sharma, India.