International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 28, Issue 2, September - October 2014

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“Synthesis, Characterization and In Vitro Antibacterial Evaluation of Sn, Sb, and Zn Coordination Complexes of 2-(2-Methoxyphenyl)-1H-Isoindole-1, 3(2h)-Dione” by Kishwar Sultana, Najm ul Hassan Khan, Khadija Shahid, Pakistan.



“Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Benzothiophene Substituted Coumarins, Pyrimidines and Pyrazole as New Scaffold” by H. K. Nagesh, Basavaraj Padmashali, C. Sandeep, T.C.M. Yuvaraj, M.B. Siddesh, S M Mallikarjuna, India.



Ameliorating Effects of D-003, a Mixture of Sugarcane Wax Acids, on Osteoarthritic Symptoms” by Roberto Puente, José Illnait, Rosa Mas, Daisy Carbajal, Sarahí Mendoza, Julio Fernández, Meilis Mesa, Rafael Gámez, Pablo Reyes, Dalmer Ruiz, Cuba.



Effect of Tinospora cordifolia on Blood Glucose Level of Albino Wistar” by Kohchale S.R., Rahate P.K., Somkuwar S.R, India.



An Overview on Application of Dillenia indica, Abelmoschus esculentus, Oryza sativa and Plantago ovata as Pharmaceutical Excipients” by Sunita Lahkar, Malay Kumar Das, Koushik Nandan Dutta, Pallab Kalita, Purbajit Chetia, India.  


A Study on Evaluation of Appropriateness of Antibiotics Used in the Intensive Care Unit Settings of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital” by Balaji S, Karthik S, Madhuri Pasupuleti, G Kannan, Devasena Srinivasan, Uma Sekar, N Vanitha Rani, India.



“Preliminary Phytochemical Screening of Some Andean Plants” by Marco CastilloTorres, Eduardo Quinatoa Lozada, David Risco Arias, Itziar Arnelas Seco, Ecuador.



“Protection of DNA and Erythrocytes from Free Radical Induced Oxidative Damage by Methanolic Extract of Amla (Phyllanthus emblica)” by S.Ashadevi, Blossom Benny, Mohammed, Samsudeen Sherin, India.



“Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Hair Powder against Dandruff” by M.Surya Prabha, A.Sravani, A.Spandana, N.Ramarao, M. Santhosh Aruna, India.



Studying the Relationship between the Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Impact and Some Health Effects in Workers of Oil and Gas Facilities in Syria and the People Residing in their Neighborhood” by Walid Ebraheem Almuhammad, Syria.



“Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Eugenia floccosa Bedd leaf” by Soosaimichael Mary Jelastin Kala, Pious Soris Tresina, Veerabahu Ramasamy Mohan, India.



“Phytochemical and Antioxidant Activities of oils of Acacia arabica and Raddiana from the Hoggar Region (Southern Algeria)” by F. Tissouras, M. Larid, B. Lotmani, Algeria.



“Formulation and Evaluation of Aceclofenac Sustained Release Tablets” by Srinivas Ashok Kumar, Swati C. Jagdale, India.  


“Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Ampicillin and Cloxacillin in Oral Suspension Dosage Form” by Tuani Y.T., Kissi F.A., Sackey J., Gordon A.J., Akanji O, Ghana.



“Evaluation of Protective Role of Activated Charcoal against DNA Damage, Cytogenetic Changes and Reproductive Toxicity Induced by Aflatoxin B1 in Mice” by Abeer H. Abd El-Rahim, Heba A.M. Abd El-Kader, Omaima M. Abd-El-Moneim, El-Desouky T.A., Ibrahim M. Farag, Egypt.



Novel Techniques in Herbal Drug Delivery Systems” by Vidhi.J. Bhatia, Manisha Yadav, Gaurav Doshi, Keyur Shastri, India.  


Screening of Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L.) Seeds for Study of Their Flavonoids, Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Properties” by Savita Rani, Gagan Poswal, Rajesh Yadav, M.K.Deen, India.



“Signal Detection - An Imperative Activity of Pharmacovigilance” by Satish chandel, Nidhi Jain, Abhay Joshi, Rakesh Sonawane, Arvind Sharma, India.



“Ethnomedicinal Plants Used by the Kanikkars of Southern Western Ghats” by C. Baby Shalini, S. Chidambaram Pillai, V. R. Mohan, India.



Standardization of Marketed Churna - An Ayurvedic Polyherbal Formulation” by Rahul Raj Surisetty, Fatima Grace Xavier, Shanmuganathan Seetharaman, Chamundeeswari Duraipandian, India.



“Herbal Research: Current Status” by S Basalingappa, S Amarnath, Arun Sharma, India.



“Iontophoretic Permeation of Propranolol Hydrochloride Based Gellan Gum Gel Through Human Cadaver Skin” by Chandraprakash G. Tanpure, Shweta S. Saboo, Inayat B. Pathan, Gopal S. Karva, Akash U. Wani, India.



“Isolation, Identification and Evaluation of Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activities of the Marine Fungus Aspergillus unguis RSPG_204” by Faten K. Abd El-Hady, Amr M. Abdou, Mohamed S. Abdel-Aziz, Egypt.



A Review on Biological Toxins: Their Pharmacological Significance and Structural Importance” by M. Xavier Suresh, R. Barani Kumar, India.



“Immunomodulatory Activity of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Ocimum Kilimandscharicum Guerke in Clarius Batrachus by Gayatri Nahak, Rajani Kanta Sahu, India.



“Ecopharmacognosy: With Special Reference to Indian Himalayan Region” by Devesh Tewari, India.



“Distinct Mechanisms Underlying the Therapeutic Potential of Foeniculum vulgare in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Experimental Study” by Ahmed M. Salem, Hanaa H. Ahmed, Abdelaaty A Shahat, Mohamed R. Mohamed, Safaa H. Mohamed, Egypt.



In vitro Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Arthritic Activity of Selected Medicinal Plant” by Sheelarani.T, Gopal, V, Seethalakshmi S, Chitra K, India.



“Development and Validation of Stability Indicating RP-HPLC Method for Estimation of Lacosamide in Bulk and Its Pharmaceutical Formulations” by Sunil N Patil, Agrawal P N, Atul Kadam, Manish M, Askshay S, India.



“Anti-Diabetic Polyherbal Siddha Formulation Atthippattaiyathi Kasayam: A Review” by Nalini Sofia.H, Vetha Merlin Kumari.H, Thomas M. Walter, Senthil Kumar S G, India.



“Paraoxonase 1 in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus - A Review” by A. Jamuna Rani, S.V.Mythili, India.



“Analysis of Prasugrel by Chromatography, Review” by Samer Housheh, Saleh Trefi, Mohammad Haroun, M. Fawaz Chehna, Syria.



“Pharmacognostical Studies on Cnidoscolus chayamansa Leaves” by Kulathuran Pillai K, Narayanan N, Chidambaranathan N, Jegan N, India.



Evaluation of Hypolipidemic Activity of Ethanolic and Aqueous Extracts of Fragaria Vesca in High Fat Diet Induced Hyperlipidemia in Rats” by Madhavi Eerike, Ruckmani.Arunachalam, Venkata Ramana.Yeddula, Venu Gopala Rao Konda, Prasanth chary, India.



“GC-MS Analysis of Bioactive Constituents from Cycas circinalis L. and Ionidium suffruticosum GING. By B. Senthil Kumar, J.Vijaya kumar, India.



“Synthesis and the Inhibitory Effects of Amino Acid Derivatives of 3-O-acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic Acid on Acetylcholinesterase” by Farzaneh Bandehali Naeini, Gholam Hossein Riazi, Ali Dadras, Seyed Mohamad Sadegh Modaresi, Ali Afrasiabi, Samireh Esmaeili, Mahshid Nikpour Nezhati, Iran.



“Evaluation of the Potential Effects of Nifedipine-induced DNA Damage and Micronucleus Formation in Female Mice and their Embryos” by Hanaa M. Roshdy, Salwa M. Kassem, Egypt.


“Heavy Metals Detection of a Carp Species, Barilius bendelisis (family cyprinidae) Collected from the Shnebaye Stream of District Karak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan” by Zubia Masood, Asim Ullah, Neelam Firdous, Sidra Tul Muntaha, Laila Manzoor, Sajeela Naz, Shama Zaman, Waqas Ahmad, Fahim Ullah, Hameed Ur Rehman, Pakistan.



“Analysis of Bioactive Constituents from Organic Crude Ethanol Extracts from the Local Medicinal Plant of Cassytha filiformis L (Lauraceae) by Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry” by Vijisaral Elezabeth D, Arumugam S, India.



“Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric and Polarographic Methods for Zinc Determination in Infant's Milk Samples” by Rania Matar, Mayssam Salami, Syria.



“Detection of Vegetable Oils Adulteration Using Desmethylsterols Composition” by Rania Youseff, Lina Soubh, Zaid Alassaf, Syria.



“Comparative Study of Different Formulations of Chlorpheniramine Maleate Orally Disintegrating Tablets” by Amar Issa, Oussama Mansour, Tamim Hammad, Syria.



Propulsive PAT paradigm: Optimization of Freeze Drying Process” by Piyush P. Mehta, Vividha V. Dhapte, India.



“Comparative Study on Extraction Efficacy of Capsaicinoids from Capsicum chinense by Phosphomolybdic Acid Reduction and HPLC Analysis” by Amruthraj N.J, Preetam Raj. J.P, Antoine lebel. L, India.



“Intra-osseous Schwannoma of Proximal Phalanx of Middle Finger: A Rare Case Report” by Pulin Bihari Das, Debahuti Mohapatra, Mahesh Chandra Sahu, Jagannath Sahoo, India.



Shell Extract of Seed from Canarium odontophyllum Miq. (dabai) Fruit as Potential Source of Antibacterial Agent” by Dayang Fredalina Basri, Siti FairuzIshak, Noraziah Mohamad Zin, Malaysia.



“Evaluation of Higher Education Service Quality Scale in Pharmaceutical Education” by V.S. Sheeja, R.Krishnaraj, R.M. Harindranath, India.



“Ethnoveterinary Practices among Tribes of Kolli Hills in Tamilnadu, India” by Santhivimalarani S, P.Pavadai, India.



“Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by ‘Electrochemical Route’ through pure metallic Silver electrodes, and evaluation of their Antimicrobial Activities” by Sumit Sharma, Kapil Choudhary, Ishu Singhal, Rishabh Saini, India.



Black Tea Consumption Enhance Antioxidant Status, Reduce Inflammatory Stress vis-a-vis Insulin resistance: Hint from a Small Clinical Cohort Study on Pre-diabetic Subjects” by Sirshendu Chatterjee, Nirmalya Roy, Arpita Saha, Surmi Roy, Ananya Chatterjee, Nandita Hazra, Soma Lahiri, Chittaranjan Maity, Sandip K. Bandyopadhyay, India.



GC-MS Analysis of Ethanolic Bark Extract of Alstonia scholaris and Evaluation of its Pharmacological Studies'' by Selvaraj Deepa, Suseela Prema Mahadevan, K. Anand babu, Kesavan Sathesh kumar, Krishnan Chitra, India.



“Antiyeast Activity of Methanolic Extracts and Compounds from Jacaranda mimosifolia (D.) Don and Kigelia africana (Lam.) Benth” by Lazare S. Sidjui, Oscar Yves D. Nganso, Elisabeth M. Zeuko’o, Rufin Marie K. Toghueo, Bruno B. Tchebemou, Fabrice B. Fekam, Gabriel N. Folefoc, Cameron.



Evaluation of Malondialdehyde, Vitamin C and Reduced Glutathion Levels in Pre and Post Hémodialysis Patients” by Nnanga Nga, Ngoule C, Gueguim C, Etame L, Dimodi H, Hallé M.P, Piéme C, Djokam D.R, Cameroon.