International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 27, Issue 2, July - August 2014

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“Formulation and Penetration Study of Liposome Gel Xanthone of Extract Mangosteen Pericarp (Garcinia mangostana L.)” by Pulan Widyanati, Mahdi Jufri, Berna Elya, Indonesia.



“Formulation, Evaluation and HPTLC Fingerprinting of Topical Ointments Containing Cassia tora Linn. Leaf Extracts” by Sonia Singh, Manisha Sutar, India.



“Development and Characterization of Liposomal Drug Delivery System for Gossypin” by Nagpal Dheeraj, Katare Pandey Deepshikha, Aggrawal Nidhi, India.



“Wound Healing Activity of Bark Extracts of Ficus virens on Wistar Albino Rats” by M. Ramadevi, N.Sivasubramanian, A. Tamil Selvan, B. Sree Giri Prasad, S. Anbazhagan, India.



“Phytochemical, Fatty Acid Analysis of Ethanol Extract of Ceiba Seeds Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrophtometry and its Antimicrobial Potential” by Krishnaveni M., Dhanalakshmi R., Nandhini N, India.  


Plants Exhibiting Potential for Cancer Treatment” by Amarpreet Kour, India.



“Comparative Anthelmintic Activity and Phytochemical Evaluation of Tridax procumbens Linn Whole Plant Extract and Piper nigrum Linn Seed Extract on Indian Adult Earthworm” by Vishin Ashish Patil, Sachin Annasaheb Nitave, India.



“Comparative Study of Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of Lamotrigine versus Levetiracetam in the Continuous Maintenance Phase of Patients with Bipolar Depressive Disorder” by K. K. Daryani, Narendra Kumar Bokade, O. P. Raichandani, S.P. Pandey, India.



“GC-MS Analysis of Phytochemicals, Fatty Acids and Antimicrobial Potency of Dry Christmas Lima Beans” by Krishnaveni Marimuthu, Nandhini Nagaraj, Dhanalakshmi Ravi, India.



“A Case Report on Zidovudine Induced Anemia and Its Management in HIV-1 Infected Patient” by Apollo James, Sudhakar.R, yasaswini B, K.Manimalika, T.R.Ashok kumar, T.Sivakumar, India.



“Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Substituted Cinnoline Benzimidazole Derivatives” by Shruti Varshney, Vikas Saxena, Rohit Kumar, India.



“Therapeutic role of Trigonella foenum-graecum [Fenu greek] – A Review” by Nathiya S, Durga M, Devasena T, India.



“Nitrite and Nitrate in Some of Syrian Vegetables Roots” by Lama Alloujami, Sophie Barguil, M.Amer.Zamrek, Syria.  


“Antibacterial Activity and Phytochemical Screening of Phyllanthus niruri in Ethanolic Methanolic and Aqueous Extracts” by Basha Shanmugam, Kondeti Ramudu Shanmugam, Sahukari Ravi, Ganjikunta Venkata Subbaiah, Korivi Mallikarjuna, Kesireddy Sathyavelu Reddy, India.



“Review on Gastro Retentive Drug Delivery System (GRDDS)” by Sachin A. Nitave, Vishin A. Patil, Amrita A. Kagalkar, India.



Simultaneous Estimation of Flurbiprofen and Gatifloxacin by Dual Wavelength UV Spectroscopy Method in an Eye Drops” by Pradhan PK, Rajput PN, Kumar N , Joshi B, Upadhyay UM, India.  


Biomaterials from Sponges, Ascidians and Other Marine Organisms” by Aritra Saha, RichaYadav, Rajendran N, India.



“Marine Fridge, Micro Lives and Mega Hopes - A Critique on the Potentiality of Psychrophilic Bacteria” by Nabil Mohammed K.K, Remya .S, Rajendran N, India.



Nanotoxicity of Materials on Marine and Aquatic Organisms” by Jiss James, Prachi Saxena, Rajendran. N, India.



“Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer” by Suneela Dhaneshwar, Kashmira Patil, Mrunal Bulbule, Vedang Kinjawadekar, Dhaval Joshi, Vineet Joshi, India.



Zingiber officinale and Alzheimer’s Disease: Evidences and Mechanisms” by Hanaa H. Ahmed, Asmaa M. Zaazaa, Bosy A. Abd El-Motleb, Egypt.



“Importance of Marine Thermophiles in Biotechnological Applications” by Sherene Mathai, Keerthana Rachel Roy, Rajendran N, India.



“Contamination of Roadside Soil with Lead in Damascus” by Geha Zead, Zamrik M. Amer, Massoh Leela, Syria.



“Zero-Crossing Point Derivative Simultaneous Spectrofluorimetric Method for Quantification of Nebivolol Hydrochloride and Valsartan Combination in Tablets” by Panikumar D Anumolu, G. Sunitha, R. Bagirath, P. Santoshi Vani, G Archana, India.



“Determination and Separation of Valsartan, losartan and Irbesartan in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Formulation by RP-HPLC” by Reem Youssef, Adnan Hbash, Ahmad Hassan, Syria.



Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Schizophyllum Commune by L. Sushila Devi, Adhiraj Dasgupta, Mayukh Chakraborty, S.K. Borthakur, N. Irabanta Singh, India.



“Phytochemicals, Fatty Acid Analysis by Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrophotometry and Antimicrobial Activity of Abrus precatorius linn Seeds” by Krishnaveni M, Nanhini N, Dhanalakshmi R, India.



Present and Future Prospect of Research on Hydrothermal Vents” by Neethu M, Sherli V, Rajendran .N, India.



“Drugs from Marine Microorganisms” by Jigna Kanani, Madhurima Banerjee, Rajendran N, India.



“Depression Associated Cognitive Impairment in School Going Children” by Shruti Pandey, Varshala Pal, Anshika Gupta, Satyendra K Rajput, Shyam Sundar Agrawal, India.



Level of patient information on Ciprofloxacin use” by N. Kanaka Durga Devi, A.E.C. Vidya Sagar, R. Mahesh, J. Kartheek, V. Karuna Sree, India.



A Review on HPLC-Trouble Shooting Guide” by Akshay kumar Vinod Rao Burghate, Jitendra Singh Sisodia, Hitendra Brijlal Patil, Swapnil Nivrutti Misar, India.



“Bioreduction Based Synthesis of Silver Nanocoats and Their Application in Development of Nano Embedded Medical Fabrics” by M. Srividhya, C. Mohanapriya, C.A.Akilan, K.Kathirvelan, A.P.Subitha, M.A. Sundaramahalingam, India.



“Efficacy of Eclipta alba (L.) Against Sub Lethal Dose of Endosulfan Induced Biochemical and Haematological Alterations in Swiss Albino Mice” by Tanuja Singh, Anjali Singh, Nivedita, Sanjay Kumar Singh, J.K Singh, India.



“Evaluation of In-Vitro Wound Healing Activity of Cassia auriculata Flower Extract Using Chick Embryo Wound Model” by Lalitha Vaidyanathan, Devi Thanikachalam, Lokeswari T S Sivaswamy, India.



“Seroprevalence of Parvovirus B19 in a Group of Children in Damascus, Syria” by Razan MN. AL Debs, Marwan M. AL Buhtori, Syria.



“Design and Characterization of Fast Release Sublingual Tablets of Atenolol” by Gottumukkula Srilalitha, Naga Raju Potnuri, K.Shivabindu, India.


Phytochemical and in vitro Screening of Adhatoda vesica l. Extracts against UTI Causing Microorganism” by Mrinalini Singh, Manik Sharma, Dharmendra Singh, India.



Formulation Development and Evaluation of Novel Combination S(-) Amlodipine and Nebivolol Tablets in Single Unit Dosage” by Srikant Pimple, Akash Joshi, Pravin Maurya, Amit Jain, Ruby Singh, India.



Investigation of Effect of Different Stabilizers on Formulation of Zaltoprofen Nanosuspension” by Amruta P.Papdiwal, Vishal V. Pande, Sunil J. Aher, India.



“Formulation and Evaluation of Cefpodoxime Proxetil Dispersible Tablet” by Sushma Gupta, Pankaj Chandel, Kamaljeet Bagga, India.



Wound Healing and Antimicrobial Activity of Aloe vera Gel” by Sandhya K. Desai, Varsha S. Borkar, Rajani S. Bachchewar, Chetan N. Patil, India.



Phytochemical Analysis and Evaluation of Antioxidant Efficacy of Ethanolic Extract of Termitomyces medius by Payel Mitra, Jit Sarkar, Narayan Chandra Mandal, Krishnendu Acharya, India.



“Sensitivity of Clinical Bacterial Isolates to Honey Marketed in Yemen” by Majdi Al-Somat, Adnan Al-Adhal, Ahmed Al-Arwali, Khalid Al – Jamrah, Khaled Al-Moyed, Abdallah Shopit, Miloud Elkarbne, Najeeb Ghanem, Mohammed Amood AL-Kamarany, Yemen.



“Chemistry of Terpenoids” by Nita Yadav, Rajesh Yadav, Murli Dhar Kharya, India.



Simvastatin: Biological Production, Therapeutic Applications and Proposed Alternative Hypothesis for Biosynthesis” by Shivani Gupta, Suman Kapur, India.



“Cytochrome P450: Nature’s Untapped Superpower” by Yashasvi Suvarna, Rathai Rajagopalan, M C Shivmurthy, India.



“Influence of Dietary Supplementation of Mannanoligosaccharide (Bio-Mos®) Prebiotic on the Genotoxic and Antioxidant Status in Japanese Quail” by Heba A.M.Abd El-Kader, Sally S. Alam, Abeer A. Nafeaa, Karima F. Mahrous, Egypt.



In-vitro Anti-diabetic and Cytotoxic Effect of Coral Derived Fungi (Emericella unguis 8429) on Human Colon, Liver, Breast and Cervical carcinoma cell lines” by Faten K. Abd El-Hady, Mohamed S. Abdel-Aziz, Amr M. Abdou, Kamel H. Shaker, Laila S. Ibrahim, Zeinab A. El-Shahid, Egypt.



HPLC Detection of Glutathione in the Ethyl Acetate and Aqueous Extract of Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms” by P. Lalitha, Shubashini K Sripathi, P. Jayanthi, India.


Autoimmunity: A Multi Factor Associated Complex Immune Imbalance” by Deepak Tripathi, Vikas Agarwal, India.



“Acute and Sub acute Toxicity Studies of the Saponin Rich Butanol Extracts of Tribulus Terrestris Fruits in Wistar Rats” by S. Hemalatha, Rajeswari Hari, India.



“Certain Endemic and Ethnobotanically Important Plants of Thiashola, Manjoor, Nilgiris South Division, Western Ghats” by S. Sharmila, K. Kalaichelvi, M. Rajeswari, India.



Effects of Camellia sinensis and Garcinia cambogia on Obesity and its Comorbidities – Safer Alternative than Synthetic Drugs” by Ilma kauser, Syed Zaid naqvi, Rahul mathur, Nidha amir, Gunjan Sharma, Sumeet Gullaiya, Shyam sundar Agarwal, India.



Prosopis cineraria and its Various Therapeutic Effects with Special Reference to Diabetes: a Novel Approach” by Anshika Gupta, Gunjan Sharma, Shruti Pandey, Brajesh Verma, Varshala Pal, Shyam Sundar Agrawal, India.



Qualitative, Quantitative Determination and Validation of Free Quetiapine Base Form in Quetiapine Fumarate Tablet Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy” by Sukhdev singh, Shri Jagdish Prasad, India.



“Antioxidant Activity of Gossypium Seeds” by Krishnaveni M, Dhanalakshmi R, Nandhini N, India.



“The Effect of Epidural Analgesia on Neonate – A Review” by Sujisha Surendran, Roshni P.R, India.



“Evaluation of Anti-Depressant Activity of Granisetron in Albino Mice” by Sathisha Aithal, Geetha S, Swetha ES, Balaji V, Chethan Kumar, India.



In vitro Antimicrobial Activity and Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal Extracts” by Darshan Dharajiya, Payal Patel, Mamta Patel, Nupur Moitra, India.



“Does Sperm Morphology Affect the Pregnancy Outcome of Intra-uterine Insemination (IUI)?” Mona Zahra, Hasan Naser Eldine, Marwan Alhalabi, Syria.



“Development and Evaluation of Cross-Linked Tamarind Kernel Polysaccharide Microspheres as a Colon Specific Drug Delivery” by D.V. Gowda, Nawaz Mahammed, India.



Screening of Potential α-amylase Producing Bacillus VIT-SS2 from Vellore Rice Mill Using Culinary Vegetables” by Shardul M, Suneetha V, India.



Jussiaea repens (L) Acts as an Uterotonic Agent - An in vitro Study” by Indrani Chakraborty, Subhasish Ghosal, Nirmal Pradhan, India.



“Bioplastic from Chicken Feather Waste” by Krishna Priya Kota, Sabiha Sultana Shaik, Rohini Krishna Kota, Abraham Peele Karlapudi, India.



Plant Profile, Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Garcinia indica: A Review” by Ramachandran HD, India.



“Antimicrobial and In Vitro Antioxidant Potential of Begonia dipetala Graham” by Isaivani Indrakumar, R.Gomathi, S.Karpagam, India.



“Atypical Presentation of Subperosteal Neurilemoma” by Bishnu P. Patro, Saroj K. Patra, Sitansu Panda, M Jagatjit, Mahesh C. Sahu, India.



Development and Evaluation of Novel Site Specific Periodontal Film of Minocycline Hydrochloride for Periodontal Diseases” by Indira Raheja, Sushma Drabu, Kanchan Kohli, India.



“Study of Locust Bean Gum as Binder in Formulation of Immediate Release Atorvastatin Calcium Spheroids through Extrusion and Spheronization Technique” by D.V. Gowda, Rohan D. Deshpande, Keerthy H.S, Siddaramaiaha, India.



“Fabrication and Evaluation of Solid Dispersion Containing Simvastatin” by D.V. Gowda, Rohan D. Deshpande, Keerthy H.S, Vishnu Datta, India.



“Qualitative and Quantitative Phytochemical Analysis in Four Pteridophytes” by Kalpana Devi Rajesh, Subramani Vasantha, Nakulan Valsala Rajesh, Annamalai Panneerselvam, India.