International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 26, Issue 2, May - June 2014

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“Therapeutic Human Papillomavirus Vaccines: A Review” by Vikrant C. Sangar, Sweta t. kothari, Abhay S. Chowdhary, India.



“Qualitative and Quantitative Application of NMR in Rilmenidine Dihydrogen Phosphate API and Its Related Impurity-B and Correlation with Alternate Technique” by Kokila Parmar, Anil T Mahato, Jignesh M Shah, Ashwin Acharya, India.



“Colorectal Cancer: Epidemiological Study, Clinical, Pathological an Immunohistochemical Examination in Patients of Eastern Algeria” by Tebibel Soraya, Zouaghi Youcef, Atallah Salah, Mechati Chahinez, Messaoudi Saber, Kabbouche Samy, Algeria.



“Stability Indicating Spectrophotometric Method of Amlodipine and Telmisartan in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form” by Shinde Prasad S, Patil Pallavi M, India.



“Emerging Resistance to Commonly used Carbapenem (Imipenem and Meropenem) Among the Gram Negative Bacteria in a Tertiary Care Centre of Central India” by Satish Chandel, Mukesh Hindoliya, India.  


Natural Sources of Coconut Component Used for Microbial Culture Medium (NSM)” by Sathiyavimal. S, Vasantharaj. S, Jagannathan. S, Senthilkumar.R.P, Vijayaram. S, India.



“Studies on effects of Polymeric Bland on In-Vitro Drug Release from Aceclofenac Transdermal Patches” by Nitesh Kumar, Santanu Chakraborty, Madhusmruti Khandai, Ashoke Kumar Ghosh, India.



Toxicity Evaluation of A. bilimbi L. Fruit Extract on Haematological and Histopathological Analysis in Animal Model” by Farah Amna Othman, Nooraain Hashim, Noriham Abdullah, Azizah Abdul Hamid, Mohamad Faiz Foong Abdullah, Zainon Mohd Noor, Normah Ismail, Wan Rozianoor Mohd Hassan, Nurul Husna Rosli, Malaysia.



“Construction of Envelope Domain III Based Recombinant Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine” by Ajit Kulkarni, Vikrant Sangar, Sweta Kothari, Shraddha Mehta, Ritwik Dahake, Sandeepan Mukherjee, Abhay Chowdhary, Ranjana A. Deshmukh, India.



“Role of Cation and Anions (K+ , Cr2O72- and P2O74-) Towards ion Association and Solvation in Aqueous and Aqueous d-Mannitol Mixtures at Different Temperatures” by Sujit Kumar Dehury, Malabika Talukdar, Upendra Nath Dash, India.



“A Phytopharmacological Overview on Perilla frutescensby R. K.bachheti, Archana Joshi, Tofik Ahmed, Ethiopia.



“The Protective Effects of Date Seeds on Nephrotoxicity Induced by Carbon Tetrachloride in Rat” by Sahar Abd El-mohsen Ali, Dalia Hussein Abdelhafiz Abdelaziz, Egypt.



“Acute Effects of Centella asiatica on Methyl Parathion Induced Toxicity on Different Regions of the Brain in Rat, Rattus norvegicusby Gladies Kezia J, Mubeen Sultana D., Nausheen Dawood, Dawood Sharief, Joyce Priya kumari.C, India.  


“Synthetic Human Erythropertin Gene-Construction Cloning and Sequencing” by G.K. Thilaka, S. Vijayakumar, India.



Comparing Efficacy and Safety of Stavudine plus Lamivudine versus Zidovudine plus Lamivudine in Combination with Nevirapine in HIV Infected Individuals Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Rural Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Central India” by Sandeep Kumar Adwal, Ashutosh Chourishi, Zahraan Qureshi, Mehul Agrawal, Ruchi Baghel, India.



“Impact of Serratiopeptidase Treatment on Performance and Health Parameters in Broiler Chickens” by Abd El-Hamid, H.S., Ahmed, H.A., Sadek, K. M., El-Bestawy, A.R., Ellakany, H.F., Egypt.  


“Sudanese Community and Hospital Pharmacists' Interaction with Medical Representatives: An Evaluative Look” by Kamal addin Mohammad Ahmad Idris, Mirghani Abdulrahman Yousif, Asim Faroug Mustafa, Sudan.



“The Pharmacognostic Specification of Acorus calamus Dried Rhizome with Special Reference to a - and b - Asarone Contents in its Essential Oil” by Atcha Somnuk, Chanida Palanuvej, Nijsiri Ruangrungsi, Thailand.



A Review on Efflux Pump Inhibitors of Medically Important Bacteria from Plant Sources” by Tanuja Rana, Sunity Singh, Navroop Kaur, Kajal pathania, Umar Farooq, India.



“A Comparative Study on Antioxidant Activities of Selected Plants from Road Sides, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India” by Krishnaveni Marimuthu, Mahesh P, Ponraj K, Kalimuthu R, Lavanya K, Jasbin Shyni G, India.



Synthesis, Characterization and Hepatoprotective Activity of Neem Gold Nanoparticles for Improved Efficacy and Sustained Drug Release Profile of Azidothymidine” by Rohan Kesarkar, Vikrant Sangar, Goldie Oza, Tanvee Sawant, Sweta Kothari, Madhuri Sharon, Abhay Chowdhary, India.



“Acute Toxicity of Vitex agnus castus Methanol Extract” by Hayder B Sahib, Adeeb A. AL-Zubaudy, Shallal M. Hussain, Ghaith Ali Jasim, Ban J Qasim, sawsan S. Al Rawi, Iraq.



“Does the Simultaneous Use of Selenium and Vitamin E Improve Type 2 Diabetes Status?” by Ebtehal K Farrag, Nadia S Metwally, Amany S Maghraby, Iman M Mourad, Doaa S Foda, Sayed M Rawi, Egypt.



“Formulation and in–vitro Evaluation of Sun Protection Factor of Flavonoids Extracted from Tagetes erecta (l.) Flowers, Cucumis sativus Fruits and Essential oil of Ocimum sanctum Leaves Sunscreen Cream” by Saroj Kombade, S.S Khadabadi, Sharda Deore, India.



“Influence of AyurSlim Capsules on the Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of Gliclazide in Rats and Rabbits” by Kiran Kumar Mandlem, Eswar Kumar Kilari, Ravindra Babu Pingili, India.



“Bioavailability & Bioequivalence: The Past, Present and Costly Affairs of a Global Concept Used Locally” by Priyanka Harbola, India.



“Phytochemical Screening and in-vitroAnti-inflammatory Activity of Trigonella foenum-graecum Leaves Extracts” by Thinagaran Rajan, Dharman M, India.



“Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies of Some New Oxazol Derivatives Dyes” by Bushra Ahmed Ezze Kateb, Manal Ali Elhag, Abdulkareem Ali Hussein Al-Alie, Abdullah M. Asiri, M.A. Baseer, India.



“Interleukin-10 Levels in Heart Failure Syrian Patients” by Ola Mushmush, Mouhammad Alzaiem, Faizeh Al Quobaili, Syria.



“Antioxidant Activity of Plants Selected from Thoppur Hill Road Side, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, India” by Krishnaveni Marimuthu., Ponraj.k., Kalimuthu R., Lavanya K., Mahesh P., Jasbin Shyni G, India.



“Air Pollution Tolerance Assessment of Yercaud Road Side Plants” by Krishnaveni. Marimuthu, Kalimuthu R, Ponraj K, Lavanya K, Magesh P, Jasbin Shyni G, India.



“Antimicrobial Activity of Medicinal Oil Plants against Human Pathogens from Hyderabad Karnataka Region” by Nuzhat Tabassum, Vidyasagar G. M., India.



“Chemopreventive effect of Tricholoma giganteum against benzo[a]pyrene-induced forestomach cancer in Swiss albino mice” by Soumya Chatterjee, Gunjan Biswas, Swarnendu Chandra, Goutam Kumar Saha, Krishnendu Acharya, India.



“Personalised Treatment Options for Menopausal Women Using Ayurveda and Aromatherapy” by Aashish Kanitkar, Kalpita Nadkar, Keyur Shastri, India.



“Acoustic Parameters of amino acids in Aqueous 1-propanol Solutions in presence of sodium benzoate (a hydrotropic agent) at 298.15K” by Smruti Pattnaik, Upendra N. Dash, India.



Inhibitory Effect of Eruca sativa Mill. on Carbohydrate Metabolizing Enzymes in vitroaby Mona H. Hetta, Hanan F. Aly, Azza Arafa, Egypt.



“Antidiabetic Mechanism of Standardized Extract, Fraction and Subfraction of Cinnamomum iners Leaves” by Fazlina Mustaffa, Zurina Hassan, Nur Adlin Yusof, Mohd Zaini Asmawi, Malaysia.



“Physicochemical and Functional Characterization of Chitosan Prepared From Shrimp Shells and Investigation of Its Antibacterial, Antioxidant and Tetanus Toxoid Entrapment Efficiency” by Shilratan Walke, Gopal Srivastava, Milind Nikalje, Jignesh Doshi, Rakesh Kumar, Satish Ravetkar, Pooja Doshi, India.



“Simultaneous Determination of Telmisartan impurities and Chlorthalidone impurities by UPLC” by Brahmaiah Marineni, T.Sreenivasulu Reddy, India.



“Orodispersible Tablet (ODT) Technology - A Novel Approach to Develop the Super Generics” by Swapnil Suresh Garud, Deelip Rao Vishramji Derle, Sharmin Javed Shaikh, Nikita Deelip Rao Derle, India.



“A Review on Pharmacovigilance” by Rajkumar Soni, Bikrant Kesari, India.



“Forced Degradation and Stability Testing: Strategies and Analytical Perspectives” by U. A. Deokate, A. M. Gorde, India.



Pulsatile Drug Delivery System” Mayur Gandhi, Rakesh Chaudhari, Nishant Kulkarni, Snehal Bhusare, Pallavi Kare, India.



“Analytical Method Available for Macrolide Antibiotics” by Sandhya Bhimrao Lahane, Sujeetkumar Ahire, U.A.Deokate, India.



“Risk Factors for Overweight and Obesity in 10-11 Years Old Children in the District of Constantine (Algeria)” by Amira Sayed, Hajer Daoudi, Souhaila Dalichaouche, Abdelkader Rouabah, Naim Akhtar Khan, Leila Rouabah, Algeria.



“Determination of Propyl Gallate in Some Vegetable Oil Samples by Thin Layer Chromatography–Image Analysis Method” by Afraa Alnokkari, Mounir Ataie, Mazen Rajab, Zaid Alassaf, Syria.



“Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Analysis of Urginea indica from Bastar District of Chhattisgarh” by Dhananjay Pandey, Ashwini Kumar Gupta, India.



Ameliorative Effect of α-Tocopherol and Ascorbic Acid on the Accessory Reproductive Glands of Adult Male Rats in Arsenic Toxicity” by Gopi Nath Banik, Indrani Chakraborty, Prabir Kr. Mukhopadhyay, India.



“Plants as Biomarker of Pollution – A Study on Thoppur Hill Road Side Plants, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, India” by Krishnaveni Marimuthu., Ponraj.k., Lavanya K., Mahesh P., Kalimuthu R., Jasbin Shyni G, India.



“Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory Effect of Careya arborea in CFA Induced Chronic Inflammation” by Begum Rayhana, Manjur Ali Sheliya, K.K. Pillai, Vidhu Aeri, Manju Sharma, India.


Crocus sativus Linn - a Potential Source for Diverse Therapeutic Applications” by M.Malathi, D.Ramya Devi, B.N.Vedha Har, India.



Fabrication of Polymeric Film Forming Topical Gels” by Sneha Ranade, Amrita Bajaj, Vaishali Londhe, Danny Kao, Najib Babul, India.



Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) and Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS) in A Young Woman-Complete Remission Following Steroid Treatment - A Case Report” by Meenakshi Vedavysan, Sivaa R, Joseph Vimal Rajadoss, India.



Piperone-3 and Piperone-4: Two New Ketones Isolated from Piper longum l. Dried fruits” by Bahar Ahmed, Khushbu Tripathi, ND Pandey, Mohd Asif Khan, India.



“Effect of Medicinal Plants and Biochemical Changes on Cx. Quinque fasciatus larvae” by Perumal Thangamathi, Sivapunyam Ananth, India.



Formulation Development and Evaluation of Dapoxetine Hydrochloride Tablets Approved For the Treatment of Premature Ejaculation” by Srikant Pimple, Mahesh Shah, Akash Joshi, Pravin Maurya, Amit Jain, Ruby Singh, India.



“Optimization of Cellulolytic Bacteria from Cellulose Waste Materials and Its Activity” by T. Vinotha, N. Uma Maheswari, India.



“Tyrosinase, Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Potential, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Sponge Derived Fungi with correlation to their GC-MS Analysis” by Faten K. Abd El-Hady, Mohamed S. Abdel-Aziz, Kamel H. Shaker, Zeinab A. El-Shahid, Egypt.



“Antimicrobial, Phytochemical and Antioxidant Study of Hydroalcoholic Extras of Coleus caninus (Roth) Vatke” by Chithra Shree, C. Srinivas, India.