International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

(Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res, eISSN: 0976-044X; CODEN: IJPSRR)

Volume 22, Issue 2, September - October 2013

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“Formulation of Dennettia tripetala Tablets by Direct Compression: Standardization and Quality Control” by Onyechi J.O., Chime S.A., Onyishi I.V. and Eneiga A., Nigeria.



“Design and Evaluation of Sustained Release Propranolol Hydrochloride Suppositories” by Basappa Veerabhadraiah Basavaraj, Sundaram Devi, Srinivasan Bharath, Rajamanickam Deveswaran, Varadharajan Madhavan, India.



“Coprocessed Metronidazole Granules for Tabletting: Formulation and In Vitro Evaluation” by Chime S. A., Onyishi V. I. and Onyechi J. O., Nigeria.



“Comparative Functionality Evaluation of Co-Precipitate of Zea Mays and Oryza sativum Starch in Paracetamol Tablets” by Onyishi Ikechukwu V. and Chime Salome A., Nigeria.



“Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel 5-Benzylidene-[3-(Diethyl Amino) Methyl]-Thiazolidine-2, 4-Dione Derivatives Having Anti-Diabetic Activity” by Shyam sunder.K, Sowjanya.S, Jayapal.Maleraju, Sandeep Reddy.CH, Spandana.C, Srinivas.A, India.  


Advance and Continuous Process Improvement in Healthcare Industries: A Systematic Review” by V.D.Chaudhari, Ravindra R.P, India.



“Plasma Visfatin Level in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome” by Al dallow Yamam, Al kowatly Kaleel, Haddad shaden, Syria.



“Stability Indicating HPLC Determination of Doripenem in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms” by Jose Kurien, P. Jayasekhar, India.



Green Synthesis of Triazole Derivatives with Pyrimidine Moiety” by Pravina B. Piste, Shubhangi P. Waghamale, India.



In Silico Drug Design and Analysis of 4-Phenyl-4h-Chromene Derivatives as Anticancer and Anti-Inflammatory Agents” by Nancy Thomas, Subin Mary Zachariah, India.



Misai Kuching: A Glimpse of Maestro” by Bajaj Himani, Bisht Seema, Nath Bhole, Yadav Mayank, Singh Vinod, Singh Mamta, India.



“Synthesis and Biological activities of 5-(1, 3-benzthiazol-2-ylamino)-4-phenyl-2, 4-dihydro-3H-1, 2, 4-triazole-3-thione and its Derivatives” by Lokhande R. P., Deshmukh V. K., Chaudhari S. R., India.



“Saliva-Based Diagnostics Can Decrease Generation of Potentially Infectious, Pathological Waste” by Dr. Nivedita L. Rao, Dr. Greeshma B. Kotian, Dr. H. Prathapchandra Kedilaya, India.  


“Comparative Pharmacokinetic and Relative Bioavailability Study of Ursodeoxycholic Acid Tablets in Healthy Indian Volunteers” by Jayanti Mukherjee, Hira Choudhury, Sanmoy Karmakar, Tapan K Pal, India.



“HPLC Profiling of Β-Asarone Content and Cytogenetic Studies of Medicinally Important Indian Acorus calamus l., Accessions” by Mythili Avadhani M.N., Immanuel Selvaraj C, Rajasekharan P.E, Rajasekaran C, Tharachand C, Rao V. K, Munirajappa H, India.



“Child Resistant Packaging: A Prime Concern for Packaging of Medicinal Products” by Sarika Malhotra, Rajiv Kumar Arora, Balvinder Singh, Upma Gakhar, Rajiv Tonk, India.  


“Evaluation of Biological Activity and Qualitative Analysis of 2, 5-dihydroxybenzoic acid from Momordica charantia Fruit” by C. A. Annapoorani, K. Manimegalai, India.



“Development and Optimization of Push Pull Osmotic Tablets of Lamotrigine Using Design of Experiments” by C. Muthulingam, Sona P.S, B.Shrivastava, Pankaj Sharma, Ashwin Rao, India.



Urinary Collagen Type IV Levels in Type II Diabetic Nephropathy Syrian Patients” by Deemah Awwad, Adnan Al-Sabbagh, Faizeh Al-Quobaili, Syria.



“A Comprehensive Review on Biological Activities of P-Hydroxy Benzoic Acid and Its Derivatives” by Rohini Manuja, Shikha Sachdeva, Akash Jain, Jasmine Chaudhary, India.



“A Comparative Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Vildagliptin as an Add-on Therapy to a Low-Dose Metformin vs an Uptitration of Metformin in Type 2 DM Patients” by Basavaraj Bhandare, Satyanarayana. V, Jyotirmoy Adhikary, India.



“Estradiol Valerate (Progynova) on Uterine and Vaginal Metabolites of Aged Female Albino Rats” by Lalithamma A, Changamma C, India.



“Synthesis, X Ray Structure and In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of New Metal II Complexes of Some Sulfonamide Derivatives” by Najm ul Hassan Khan, Kishwar Sultana, Humaira Nadeem, Pakistan.



“Molecular Approach towards the Understanding of Defensive Systems against Oxidative Stress in Plant: A Critical Review” by R. S. Pal, P. K. Agrawal, J. C Bhatt, India.



“Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Oral Contraceptive Pills Among Undergraduate Medical and Dental Students at SBKS MI & RC, Piparia, Vadodara” by Palak Agrawal, Mihir Sadadia, Sanjay K. Date, Chintan Trivedi, India.



“Effect of Argan Oil (Argania spinosa. L) on Kidney Function Impairment and Oxidative Stress Induced by Mercuric Chloride in Rats” by Youcef Necib, Ahlem Bahi, Sakina Zerizer, Cherif Abdennour, Mohamed Salah Boulakoud, Chettoum Aziez, Hallas Abdelkader, Algeria.



Potential Wound Healing Activity of Euphorbia Hirta Linn Total Flavonoid Fraction” by Papiya Bigoniya, Sourabh Agrawal, Neelesh K. Verma, India.



“Pharmacognostic Profile and Phytochemical Investigation of Pluchea lanceolata Oliver & Hiern. In vivo and In vitro by Deepika Arya, Vidya Patni, India.



“Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Simple Ascidian, Phallusia nigra Sav.” by Subbarayan Gopalakrishnan, Devendiran Shanmuga Priya, Vaidyanathapuram Kesavan Meenakshi, India.



“Combretastatin A-4 and its Analogs in Cancer Therapy” by Sonia Arora, Andres F. Gonzalez, Khushbu Solanki, United States of America.



“Ginger Extract Attenuates Ethanol - Induced Oxidative Stress in Rat Small Intestine” by Jeepalem. Himabindu, Ganjikunta. Venkata Subbaiah, Sahukari. Ravi, Basha.Shanmugam, Kesireddy. Sathyavelu Reddy, India.



“Isolation and Antimicrobial Spectrum of New Bacteriocin From Lactobacillus rennanquilfy WHL 3by Deshmukh P.V, Thorat P.R., India.



In vitro Antimicrobial and Insecticidal Activity on Leaves of Methanolic Extract and its Fractions of Thuspein antabrahuicaby Nizam Baloch, Sajid Nabi, Yasser.M.S.A.Al-Kahraman, Pakistan.



In vitro Antileishmanial, Cytotoxic, Antioxidant activities and Their Phytochemical Analysis on Methanolic Extract and it is Fractions of Perotis hordeiformis leaves” by Nizam Baloch, Sajid Nabi, Yasser.M.S.A.Al-Kahraman, Pakistan.



“A Study of Socio-Demographic and Behavioral Risk Factor in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease Visiting Rural Hospital in South India” by Prasanna Dahal, Rajesh Venkataraman, Satish Kumar BP, Rajveer Singh, Priyank Tripathi, Vaibhav Patel, India.



“Development of A Validated HPLC Method for the Analysis of Two Preservative Agents “Methylparaben & Propylparaben” in Topical Creams Containing Steroids in the Patient’s Terms of Use” by Basima Arous, Mohammad Amer Al-Mardini, Syria.



“Zolmitriptan Nasal In-Situ Gel Using Sterculia foetida Linn Gum as Natural Mucoadhesive Polymer” by N. G. Mahakalkar, K. P. Upadhye, India.



“Impact of Carica papaya linn. Seed Extraction on Some Marker Enzymes in Male Albino Rats” by Hasim Bashab S, Govardhan Naik A, Vengaiah V, Changamma C, India.



“Frequency of C282Y, H63D, S65C Hereditary Hemochromatosis Gene Mutations in Syrian Population and Their Association with Serum Iron Overload” by Taghrid Hammoud, Alia Al-assad, Abir Kadar, Hana Zarzour, Ammar Madania, Syria.



“Pharmacognostic and Physicochemical Analysis of Green Tea” by Kalra P, Madan S, Agrawal S.S, India.



“Effect of Phytohormones on Leaf Explants of Strychnos potatorum L. – An Endegered Medicinal Plant” by Chaudhary R. R, Kalkar S. A., Somkuwar S.R, india.



Applications of Antiseptics in Endodonticsby Syarminii Rajendran, Prasanna Neelakantan, India.



“Effect of pH on the Dissolution of Erythromycin Stearate Tablets Available in Local Market” by Nargis Sultana, Fouzia Hassan, Syed Muhammad Farid Hasan, Shuja Hasan, Fouzia Israr Ahmed, Yasir Faraz Abbasi, Pakistan.



“Steroids in Dentistry - A Review” by Vigneshwar Sambandam, Prasanna Neelakantan, India.



“Development of Microemulsion for Solubility Enhancement of Poorly Water Soluble Drug Valsartan” by Shruti G. Shahu, Rita N. Wadetwar, Gouri R. Dixit, India.



“Comparative Antidiabetic Profile of Ayurvedic Herbo-mineral Formulation and its Constituents on Normal and Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Rats” by Akansha Mishra, Rohit Srivastava, Arvind K. Srivastava, India.



In-Vitro Anti-Oxidant and Antibacterial, Antifungal Activity of Chloroform Extract of Trichosanthes Tricuspidata Lour Roots” by Shweta S. Saboo, Priyanka K. Thorat, Ganesh G. Tapadiya, S. S. Khadabadi, India.



A Review on Tissue Culture Studies in Eclipta alba – An Important Medicinal Plant” by Neeti Dhaka, India.



“Quantitative Phytochemical and Heavy Metal Estimation of Mesua ferrea Flowers and Argyreia speciosa Leaves” by Sahu Alakh N, Hemalatha S, Sairam K, India.



In-Vitro Screening of Probiotic Potential of the Micro-organisms Isolated From Various Food Sources Commercially Available in Solan, Himachal Pradesh (India)” by Sushila Negi, Deepika Kumari, Varun Chauhan, India.



“Polarographic Studies of Ascorbic Acid and Estimation in Pharmaceutical Formulations and Fruit Juices” by Chetan B. Masram, Ravin M. Jugade, India.



Jussiaea repens (L) Induced Morphological Alterations in Epididymal Spermatozoa of Rat” by Subhasish Ghosal, Indrani Chakraborty, Nirmal Kr Pradhan, India.



“To Design Novel Lead Molecules for the Enzyme, AChE Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease” by K. Yellamma, S. Nagaraju, K. Peera, K. Praveen, India.



Effects of Policosanol (5 and 10 Mg/Day) in Adults with Serum Cholesterol Levels £ 5.9 MMOL/L” by José Illnait, Ernesto López, Lilia Fernández, Rosa Mas, Rafael Gámez, Meilis Mesa, Sarahi Mendoza, Julio César Fernández, Cuba.



In Vitro and In Vivo Determination of Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Garuga pinnata Roxb” by Murali Krishna Thupurani, Reddy P Nishanth, Singara Charya M.A, Geethanjali Mittapelli, India.



In vitro Propagation of Genus Ceropegia and Retrosynthesis of Cerpegin - A Review” by S. Muthukrishnan, J. H. Franklin Benjamin, G. Sathishkannan, T. Senthil Kumar, M. V. Rao, India.



Role of Copyright in the Protection of Design” by R.Suthakaran, A.Tamil Selvan, India.